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cause of creation

Practical steps to spirituality- section  7 part  32

The  Gita revisited  

Cause of creation 

             The  seventh chapter of the Gita  talks  about  the cause of creation. . The  world is  made  up of  matter and  spirit. . The  eight fold  lower aspect  of the  Lord  consists  of  the  total  unmanifest  creative  potential  , the total  mind,  the  total ego,  and  the five great elements  :  space, air,  fire , water  and  earth. . All  these  make  up  the  entire  gross  and  subtle  unmanifest   and  manifest  matter  of this  universe  . This  also  includes  each  individual  body  , senses  ,mind  , intellect  , ego, and  vasanas. . The  Lord's  highest  aspect  is  His  manifestation  as  life  which  enlivens  all  matter  . The  two  aspects  of  the  Lord  are  the cause  of the  entire  universe  of  inert  objects  and  sentient  beings. 

         There  are  difference  of opinion  among  scientists  about  the  cause  of  creation  . Some  believe  that  sub-atomic  particles  are  the  cause, some  others  say  it  is  big-bang  or  black hole  that  is the  cause  of creation.  Some  others  believe  that  some  deity  or  mind  is  the  cause  of creation  . Vedanta  firmly  affirms  that  finite  things  which are a  part  of  the  created  things  cannot  be  the  cause of creation. . The  ultimate  cause  has to  be  one  infinite  entity. . Since  all  matter  exists   and  all  beings  have  consciousness  , the  cause of  the universe  must  be  of the  nature  of  existence  and  consciousness,  the  infinite  Self  of  all. 

        The  infinite  Self  of  all,  God  , is  of the  nature  of  eternal  existence  . God  creates  the  world  with  the  help  of  His  higher  and  lower  aspects  . He  is  the  substratum  from which  the  world   comes  into  existence  and  goes  back  to  Him. He  does not  undergo  any  change  to  become  the  world  . He  only  appears  as  the  ever changing  world  . He  is  both  immanent  and  transcendent  . He  pervades  creation  like  the  thread  in the  beads  of  a necklace  . Without  Him  , nothing  would  exist  . God  is  the  "  isness  "  in all  things  and  beings  . 

to  be  continued....


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