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Four kinds of devotees.


The practical  steps to spirituality- section 7 part 35
The  Gita revisited  
Four kinds of devotees. 

                       Lord Krishna  says there are four kinds of devotees  of God:  the Arta,  the Artharthi, the Jingyasu and  the  Jnani. . A few devotees   called  the Arta  pray  to God  to remove their grief  when  they are faced  with  health, wealth or  relationship problems  and such other problems   in their  life. And when  their  problems melt away, they stop praying to God.  The  Artharthi  are the second type  of devotees  who pray to God  to fulfill all their desires  . They  have lots of attachments  to worldly  things  and  hence  pray for  wealth, material  comforts  , name  , fame  , possessions  ,   power  and so  on. believing that  the  attaining of these  will  give them  permanent happiness.  Hence  they  bargain with God,that  they  would  contribute a certain amount  to  a  specific temple of their  choice  if their prayers are answered  .But  they  are  considered  higher  than  the  Artas  because  the  Artas  pray  only  for a very short while  for the removal  of their problems   and  once their problems disappear  they  forget  God. 

               The  third  type  of devotees  are  the  Jingyasu ,who worships  God  as  a seeker  who wants  to know  about  God  , His  relationship with  the jiva  and jagat.  He  is  superior  to the  above  two  as  he  seeks  God  not for any worldly  benefit  but  to  know  Him.  The  last  type  of  devotee  is  the  Jnani  who is  the  Realised  Master  who  has  realised  his  own  Self  as  that  infinite  and   God   as being the  infinite  Self  of all.  He  worships  God  without  any  expectations  from  God as he is  free  from  all  worldly  desires  The  Jnani  is  the  best devotee  of God  as  he is ever  united  with  God  in love. The  Lord  says  "  the  Jnani  devotee  is  My  own  Self  ."   The  first  three  types  of devotees  love God  with an  ulterior  motive  ,while  the Jnani  loves  God  unconditionally   and  God  too  loves  him  . They are  one with each other. The  Jnani  loves  God  for  His  sake  while  most  of us  who will  fall  under  one  of the first  three  types  love  ourselves  most  and  love  God  only  for our sake  . 

to be  continued... 

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