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Sa mahatma sudurlabah


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 36  

The  Gita revisited

Sa mahatma  sudurlabah  ,

          Of  the  four  kinds of devotees we  have seen in the previous page  , the  first  two ,namely,the  Arta  and the  Artharthi  ,though praying  to God  either  for  removal  of   his problems  or  for  obtaining  wealth  and  worldly  comforts  ,are  indeed  considered  as  God's devotees  because  they  believe  in God's  existence  and  in His  Omnipotence   and  in His  capacity  to  remove  human  problems  and  fulfill  desires  of all  kinds. . These  devotees  evolve  to the  higher  level  of  becoming  a jigyasu  , when  they   would  want  to  know  about  God  and  His  relation with the world  . Yet  the  fact remains  that  the  first three  types  of devotees  seek  God  only  for  themselves  and not for  the  love  of  God. 

         The  fourth  type  is  the  jnani  bhakta who  is ' My  own Self 'says  the  Lord. The  jnani bhakta loves  God ,seeks  Him  for  the  love   he has for God  and  realises  Him  as  his  own  infinite Self   and  also as  the infinite Self  of all. . Hence  he is the best devotee  . He  sees God  in all  and hence  serves  all with  love. He  recognises  that  the  whole  world  is pervaded by God   and  He  is  in all  beings  . The  Lord says  that  such a bhakta  who sees  God  everywhere   and  in all is very rare  Such a great soul is very rare  ,' Sa  mahatma  sudurlabah. 'says  Lord Krishna  .

           If  such a  mahatma  is rare  , a Realised  Master  is  rare  , does it mean  that  Realisation  can  only  remain a dream  for  us  ordinary  mortals  ?God  is all  pervading  and  is the  Self  in all. It  is  only  because  of the  power  of  Maya  on  us  ,we  remain  ignorant  of  our real nature  and  lead  a  mundane  existence  .and  do  not  ever  strive  to seek  Him  or  know  Him. . Even  as a dreamer  knows  the waker as soon as he  awakens  , and  even  as the  illusion  of the  snake  on the  rope  is removed  by knowledge  and  one  realises  instantly  that it is  a rope  , similarly  ,the  instant  our mind  is ready  Realisation is  immediate  .. It  is the  result  of  God's Grace  flowing  through  our  right efforts  in  the  right  direction  from countless  lifetimes   and merits  gained  in all these lives  that  we can  come  to enjoy  a pure ,subtle  and concentrated  mind  ,which when  ready  will  help  us  to  realise   God  instantly  as  our  own  Self  and  as the  Self  of all.

to be  continued....

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