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The law of karma


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part  39 
The  Gita revisited 
The law of karma 

                  Divine laws  govern  all  actions  and  determine  the  effects  of all  actions  . Thus the destiny  of each individual  is  directed  not by chance   but  according  to  the   causes  he  himself  sets  into  motion. . An  ignorant  man thinks  that  what  comes  to  him  in life  is  his  fate. . There  is  no such thing  as  fate  other  than  what  has  been  predestined  by  his  own  actions  , here in the  present  or way back  in the  past  , may  be  in  any  life  before  this very particular  earthly life  

                  One's own  actions  in the  past  then  become  the  self created  causes  as  to  why  some  are poor  while  others  are rich,  some  healthy  while  some others are  sickly   and  so on.  in the  present . If  we  fail  to  accept  this  where  is the  justice  of  God  if  he  made  all  as  equals  but  put some  under  favourable  situations  and  others under  unfavourable  circumstances  , in which case  He  becomes  a tyrant  who has  no rule  of laws   to support His  actions   There  are  many  inequalities  between  each individual's  life  and  a  rational explanation  is possible  only when  we accept  the law of karma  .

                 The  law of  cause  and effect  governs  our lives  and   is called   the law of karma . Karma means  actions  and  it also means  the fruits  of our actions  . These  fruits  of  our own actions   which come  to us  as  joys or sorrows   are  generally  believed  by the lay man  as  fate. , but as we have seen  it, is  his  own  actions  have  fructified  to  give  him joy  or sorrow  as the  case  may  be. . Hence  there can  be  no other explanation for the  inequalities  among  human beings . The    fruits  of actions  that is the  effects  of  our actions , are  what  make  it hard  for  people  to change  themselves  or  their  circumstances. 

              If then  success  or failure  have  been  more or less  determined  by  our own  actions  in the past  ,the  question that arises  in the  mind is  ,"is   there  no remedy  by which we  can alter  our present  condition ?".
  The  good new is that  we have  been  gifted with  two  wings , namely, reason and  free will  to  empower  ourselves  to  face  our life  or  to a great extent  change  our life;s  situations   to help progress  in spite  of adverse  situations  .

to be continued..... 

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