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The only mission in life


Practical steps to spirituality- section  7 part 38 
The Gita revisited 
The  only mission in life. 

                God  is  the  unmanifest, nameless , infinite Self. He  creates, maintains  and ultimately destroys  the  world  He  has  created  . Yet  ,we fail  to  recognise  the  infinite  substratum  behind  all  the  changes  that  take  place. and  continue  to  worship  the  finite  forms  of various deities  forgetting  that  the  one  supreme  absolute  God  lies  behind  all  these  finite  forms  . Some  worship Nature  as  God, some  see  God  as  a  power  , for  some  others  God  is  a particular  incarnation  such as  Sri Rama  or  as  Sri  Krishna  . Many  see  God  only  in an idol  in  a particular  temple  of their  choice  but  yet a  few  may see  God  as  the  various  deities  like  Agni devata,  Vayu  devata  and  so  on. 

           The  above  mentioned  belief  systems  are  narrow  and  should be  given  up. as  they  make  the  believers  fanatic  about  their  own  faiths  and   help  develop  hatred  for  other  belief  systems  . One  should have  a holistic view  of life  and  see God  as  God  is  and  not  in the  way  one  wants  to  see  Him. In  the  film  '  pk  "  , one  of the  characters  says  "  believe  in a  God  who made us  and  not in a God   whom  we  have  made  "  This  is indeed  an  appropriate  statement  . God  should  be  known  as  He  is  and   not in the  way  we  have  made  Him  to suit  our  own   convenience .
           There  is  only  one  infinite  and  unmanifest  God  and  knowing  Him  as  our  own  Self  and  as the  Self  of all  is  the  only  mission  in life  . Other  goals  are  finite  and  can  never  satisfy  man's  quest  for  eternal  happiness  . To  know  Him  is    to become  one  with   Him  . 

to  be  continued...  

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