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The power of Maya


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 34

The Gita revisited 

The  power of Maya  . 

                      We  have seen  in the  previous page  that  God  can be seen  in nature , in all things  and  beings. If  it  is  so  easy  to  see  Him  , why  does  not  man seek  Him and  know  Him  ?. The  Lord  says  it  is  because  of the  Lord's  own  power  'Maya '..

                       Maya  is  the  Lord's  divine creative  power which  exists  in Him. . Maya  cannot  be  perceived  directly  but  it can  be  experienced  through  its  influence  on  us  ,because  of which  we consider  ourselves  to  be  finite  individuals  living in bondage  undergoing  constant  conflict  and sorrow. Maya  is  of the  nature  of  ignorance  and  due  to  this  we  continue  to  stay  ignorant  of our  real  nature. . Only  the  Lord  can  remove  the  veil  of ignorance  from our  minds  . . It  is  because  of  Maya  , we  carry  thoughts  such as  I  , me  , mine  , you  yours  and  so  on.  and I  come  to  differentiate    myself   from  others. . This  sense  of  separateness  creates  hatred, jealousy  , anger,  greed   and  all  kinds  of mental  agitations. 

               The  question now  arises  , is  it  possible  to cross  the  ocean  of  Maya  ?. It  is  said  that   it  is  the  Lord  alone  who  has the  power  to  help  us  get  over  the  grip  Maya  has  over  us. . It  is  only  through  His  Grace  that we can  cross  the  ocean  of  samsara  and  be  free  from  Maya's power on us   and  all  this  is  made  possible  only  when  we  totally  surrender  to the  Lord   and  take  refuge  in  His  lotus  feet. Advaita  Vedanta  proclaims  that  ignorance  of  our  true  nature  ,which again is  caused  by  the  power  of  Maya, can  be  removed  only  by knowledge  of  God  /Self. . Performing  spiritual  sadanas  cannot  by themselves  remove  the  veil of  Maya  . They can  only  purify  our  minds  to  prepare  and  make  us  fit  to receive  knowledge. Realising  God  as  our  own  infinite  Self  alone  can  liberate  us  from  our  self made  bondage  , from  our  ignorance  of our  true  nature  from  the grip  of  Maya  .

to  be  continued...

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