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Where can you see God ?


Practical steps to spirituality-  section 7 part 33  

The Gita revisited  

Where can you see  God  ?

                  Lord  Krishna  says  God  is all pervading  , He  is  everywhere and  in everything  .He  is  the  ' isness  '  in all things  and  beings  . Everything exists  in Him  and  because  of  Him. . We  can  see  Him  in  nature  , in all  of  God's  creations  . He  does  not   exist  as the  light  in the sun and  the  moon  but  in  Him  ,who  is  light  ,the  sun and  the  moon  exist  .. He  can be seen  in the innocent  smile  of a child,  He  can  be seen  in the  loving  embrace  of a mother  of her  child  ,in  the  loving  eyes  of  young couples  in love, . He  can  be seen  in the  divine  smell  that  comes  from  earth  with the  first  rains  after  summer  , He  can  be  seen  as  life  in the  variety  of creatures  . He  is  the universal  symbol  OM  .  We  can  see  Him  in  the  excited  and  happy  faces of  all  Indians  when  India  wins  a cricket  match. . We  can  see  Him  in the  compassion  of  a  saint  , in the  selfless   service  of a Mother  Teresa  , in short  in the  humaneness  in human  beings. God  is  the  wisdom in the  wise  and  the  majesty  in the  mighty                                                       

                God  can  be  seen  in the  sun rising  over a  hill   and  setting  in the  sea. What  a  view  it  is  and  who  cannot  but  believe  that  God  exists  very much  here  in the  rising and setting of the  sun. . In  the  Bhagavatham  , child  Prahlada  tells  his  father  Hiranyakasipu  the  God  exists  everywhere  and  even  in the  pillar. To  prove  the  child  right  , God  comes  out of the  pillar  as  Lord  Narasimha  , and  destroys  the  father  and  protects   the  child.  The  Lord  says  that  everything  in the  world  has three  qualities  :  sattva, rajas  and  tamas  . They  exist  because  of  Him  but  He  exists  even  without them  . He  is  of  independent  existence   and  hence  the  lord  says  in the  Gita  "  I am  not  in them  but they  are in  Me. 

to  be  continued....

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