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worshipping finite gods .


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 37
The Gita revisited 
Worshipping  finite  gods .

                        If  God  is  our  own  infinite  Self  and  the  Self  of all, why is it then that we worship finite gods  is  a question that will  arise  in any right thinking  mind   of a seeker  of knowledge. . God  is   one  and  infinite  . He  governs  the  world  He has created  through  various deities  whom He  has appointed  to be in charge  of various departments  like  Vayu devata, agni devata  and  so on. . The  man  on the  street  has  hundreds  of desires   and  he  worships  these  devatas  to get  all  his desires  fulfilled  . He  worships  goddess  Saraswati  to get knowledge, Lakshma  to get  wealth, Durga  to gain power,  Ganesa  to ward off  obstacles   and  the  list  goes  on and  on. 

                     The  Lord  says  in the Gita  that  whoever  desires  to faithfully   worship  any  particular  finite  form   , whichever  form  it  might  be, He  grants  such a devotee   with  the  necessary  sincerity  to  worship  such  devatas. . Even  as  this  devotee  matures  to the  higher  level  of  spiritual  growth  , he  realises  that  God  alone  is  the  source  of all  power   and  He  alone  should  be  worshipped  ,though  he  might  continue  to give  due respect   to the  finite  gods  for  what  they  stand  for   and  also  give  respect  to all  those  who are  still  in that  level  where  he was    previously  and  respect them and their feelings  for continuing to worship  finite  gods. . He  now  understands  that  worshipping  finite  gods  for  fulfilling his  desires  , prevents  him  from  knowing  the  one  and  only infinite  God  ,who  is  none  other  than  his  own  true  Self  .He  realises  that  worshipping  finite  gods  can  give  only  finite  joy  ,while   realising  and  worshipping   the  infinite  God  will  lead  him  to  infinite bliss  within  .

to  be  continued....

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