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creation is anadi


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 43
The  Gita revisited 
Creation  is  anadi 

             Everything in creation is cyclic. All the  planets, the  galaxies  ,the  sun ,the  moon  all  move about in an  cyclical orbit. . This  is  not  the  first  creation ,neither is it going to be the  last. Pujya  Gurudev  Swami  Chinmayananda  says that  in Vedanta  we  do not  believe  that  creation started  at any particular point  of time . Time  expresses  itself  only  in a mind that experiences  , while  in deep sleep state  there  are no experiences ,hence  no experience  of time. 

       If  we  say  that the  world was created  at a particular point of time  , it  just  means that  the world was not there before time . This is a fallacious  argument  because  time itself is a   created concept. . Gurudev   goes on to explain  that   it would   also   be meaningless  to say  that  creation started  at  0 second  0 minute  0 date 0 week  and 0 year  because  time  is the  space between  two experiences  and  hence the  concept of time  starts  only after   the  second experience  ,which  means  that  creation has   happened in the  first  experience which is   before  time  . Hence  we say creation is  anadi  - before time. . Hence  it follows  logically  that there can  be  no first creation. 

      Creation comes  and  goes again and  again. Even  as  we  go  back  from our waking state  to the  deep sleep state  and  get back again to the  waking state  all  through our life  , similarly  ,the  world  comes  to manifest condition  from an unmanifest state and  goes back  to unmanifest  state  and this process  goes on and on  endlessly  . The  individual  takes  birth  and  meets  death  and  this  process  of birth and death  goes on and on for the  individual jiva through many  life times .  A few  of those  who get  tired  of this  coming and  going , try to put an  end  to  this  cycle  by first  developing  dispassion  for the  ephemeral  joys  of this  world  and  then  seek  that which  gives  permanent  happiness  To  reach  this  state  of  permanent  bliss  is  to know  God  as  one's   own  infinite  Self  , knowing which  one does  not  return  to  samsara, the  cycle  of birth and  death. 

to be  continued..... 



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