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The final meditation.


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part -44
The Gita revisited
The final meditation

              Meditation is to withdraw the mind from the external stimuli and  absorb it within. . Whatever path one takes to  whether  the path of knowledge , or the path of karma yoga, or the path of devotion, or the path of hatha yoga , the four paths look different  in the  initial stages  but  all  of them meet  at   one and the  same point  called  pratyahara  , the  mental capacity to withdraw  the  mind from  the  external  objects  and  to apply such a  mind on a  single  thought. . Thereafter  all  the  seekers  in all  the  paths  walk together   in the  spiritual disciplines  of  dharana(  concentration)  dhyana  (  meditation  )   and  samadhi  (  the  final  realisation ).  Scriptures  say that  if a  seeker  has been  a sincere  practitioner  of  meditation , his  regular  practice  will  help  him to meditate  even  at  the  time  of death. 

             Generally  , practitioners  of  meditation take  to  using  the  sacred  sound symbol  OM .  OM  is  a  combination  of  a u m  - representing  the  three  states of  consciousness  - the  waking state , the  dream state and  the  deep sleep  state respectively.  . Between  the  two  OMs  there  is  silence  which represents  the  fourth state  - the  turiya. . The  exercise of chanting  OM   loud  and long  then  slowly gets  shifted  to the  silence  in between  two  OMs . The  silence  becomes  longer  and  the  mind learns  to remain in that  silence  . This  is  the  state  of  thoughtlessness  , complete desirelessness  - the  state  of  Self- Realisation. 

      Advaita Vedanta  believes  that  this  state  can  be  attained  even  while  living  . The  jnani  who  attains  this  state  even  while  living  is  called  a  jivan mukta  . He  is  called  by different  names  in the  Gita   as  shita  prajya  , mukta purusha  and  so  on. . This  realised  master  is  one  with the  world  and  he  sees  the  Self in all and all in the  Self. 

to be  continued.....

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