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The last thoughts


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part  42
The Gita revisited
The last thoughts 

           Rebirth theory forms a core Hindu belief which  follows  from the  law of karma.  . According  to the  Rebirth  theory  which  is generally  referred  to as  the  theory  of  Reincarnation  , this  present  birth  of  ours  is not our  first  nor the  last  birth .. We  will  be  born   again and  again until  we  exhaust  all  our desires  and  get  liberated. Hinduism  believes  in three  types  of  karmas -  sanchita, prarabda  and  agami  . Out  of this  baggage  of  karmas  , the  net  fructifying  results  of  our  thoughts  and  actions  (  vasanas  )  ,decide  the  form  and  place  we  will  be  born  in  .When  our praradba  karma  gets  exhausted  ,the  jiva  leaves  the  body  (  dies )  and  takes  on a new  body  (reborn  ). . It  need not  always  follow  that  having  taken a  human  body  ,one  will  be  born  only  in that  form  . The  last  thought  at  the  time  of death will  decide  the  form  and  place we   will take and    go. The  last  thoughts  are  always  governed  by  what  thoughts  we had  encouraged  all  through our present  life  .

          The  Lord  says  that we  are reborn  according  to the  most  intense  and  strong  thoughts that  surface  at the  time  of death. . Noble  thoughts  at the  time  of death  take  us to a noble  form and  place  and  ignoble  thoughts  entertained  at the  time  of death ,will  take  us  to  ignoble  forms  and  places   in the  next  life.  If we  remember  God  at  the  time  of death, we   will  reach  Him  and  get  liberated  from the  cycle  of  birth and  death. . It  is  our  thoughts and  our  net  fructifying  actions  that  decide the  form and  place  our  soul  reaches  . If  only  worldly  thoughts  have  dominated  our life  ,only  such thoughts  will  surface  at the  time  of death and  incidentally  guide  our  next  birth. 

         The  Lord  advises  us  to remember  Him always  even  as we   go about  doing  our  duties  . It  may  be  possible  that  even  if  we  had  remembered  God  all  our  lives  , the  circumstances  surrounding  our  death  could  make  us  forget  God at  the  time  of  our death. . But  the  Lord  assures  us in the  Gita  that  He  takes  the  responsibility  of  bringing  His  thoughts  to our  mind   at  the  time of  death,  if  we  had  indeed  remembered  Him all  through  our  life. 

to  be  continued....

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