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The law of karma ( continued)..


Practical steps to spirituality -section 7 part 40 
The Gita revisited 
The  law of karma  continued...

                       According  to the law of karma  ,every action gives  its own  results  in its  own time  -today, tomorrow  or many lifetimes  later. . There  can be  no effect  without a  cause  . Whatever  one reaps in this  life  in the  present  is  because  of some  action done  in the  past. It  follows  then  that  if  you perform  good actions  ,you come  to reap  good  results  and  if you perform  bad actions  , you come  to reap  bad results. It then  logically  follows  that  the  doer (  karta )  alone  becomes  the  enjoyer  (  bhoktha  )  of  the  results  . . One  comes  to reap  the  results  of  only  one's  own actions   and  not  of  anybody  else's  karma  . The  results  are  not transferable  to anyone  else. If  you sow a  mango seed  ,you can expect to get  only a  mango tree  and  not  an  apple  or any other tree. As  you sow  ,so you reap. 

                  You reap  the  results  accordingly  for  all  your  actions  ,whether  good or bad. No one can  escape  from  this  law. . Even  if a person  is  extremely  good in this  life  , if  he had  committed  bad actions  in the  past  , he  is  sure  to  go through  the  results  of his  bad actions  . So  the present  good actions  do not  cancel out  the  results  of  our past  bad actions. . Similarly  ,the  bad actions   of the present  do not cancel out  the  results  of  past  good actions. . Both  have  to be  gone  through  in this  very life. However  ,nature  helps  a  person  face  the  results  of  his  bad actions  with  dignity and  courage  if  that  individual now does  good actions  . Scriptures  hence  advise  the  seeker  to  move  forward  in life  by  doing  good actions  ,no matter  what kind of  suffering  or sorrow  he  has to endure  in this  life. . The  responsibility  of our life  lies  in our own  hands  . We  get  only  what we deserve  . God  does not make  any mistake  in giving  us the results  of our own actions. 

to be continued...

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