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God and the creation - dissolution cycle

Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 50 
The Gita revisited .
God and creation - dissolution cycle

                            The scriptures speak  of four types of creation and dissolution. . First  is  the  creation and dissolution  that  happens everyday. . Changes  happen moment to moment   like the waves on the  ocean  ,one wave replacing another. . Forms get destroyed  and new ones get created. Change is the  only  constant factor everywhere. . At the  individual level, we create our own world  of likes and dislikes and dissolve all of them in sleep. 

                          The  second  is  partial creation and dissolution  . The  world folds up and unfolds  at the end   and  beginning  of each day of Brahmaji, the creator  . There are four kalpas  and four yugas make one kalpa . 1000 kalpas  make  one day of  Brahmaji  . Third  is  the total creation and  dissolution  . Brahmaji 's  life span  is 100 years  (  remember  ,his  one day  is equal to 1000 kalpas ! and  each kalpa  consists  of four yugas  consisting  of  1.2lakh million years  ). The entire universe goes into  its  cosmic unmanifest  form  at  the end of  Bramaji's life span of 100 years  and manifests at the  beginning  of  the new brahmaji's life  span. 

                       The  fourth  is  the  final  dissolution that scriptures talk about. . The individual soul, the jiva, is  born  and  dies again and again in different forms  in different places  life after life. . When  the jiva  realises  his true  nature  , the  jiva  puts an end  to this  cycle  of birth and death. . When  the  jiva  attains  Self- Realisation  , the  world ceases  to exist  for  him. , only the  Self  alone exists  . . So  the  truth  about  creation and  dissolution  , about   the  world  manifesting and  unmanifesting   is  that  they are only appearances  and not real after all!!!

to be  continued.....

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