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God and His creation.


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 48
The Gita revisited
God and His creation.

                  In the  9th chapter of the Gita  , Lord Krishna shows His relationship with creation in four different statements  . 1. I pervade  this entire world in My unmanifest form . 2. The whole  world and  all  beings are in Me  .3.  I  am not in them and 4. They are not in Me. .The  above four statements  of the  Lord  make us understand God's relationless  relationship  with His creation. He  is the  ultimate cause  of this creation. . The  world is an effect  and the effect exists in the  cause. but the  cause is not located in the effect,in the  sense  that the  cause is independent  of the  effect  and is unaffected by the  effect.  

               In the cause  there is no effect  ,for example  ,in gold  there are no ornaments  and  gold does not depend  on the  ornaments  for its  existence  but gold ornaments exist in gold . The  waking mind  pervades  the entire dream world   and the dream world  is located  in the  waking mind  but  the  waking mind  is not in the dream world. The  waking mind  exists  independent  of the  dream world. God pervades  His creation as  Existence. . The  entire world exists  in God  , is dependent on God but  God  is not located  in or  dependent  on the  world. In God  there is  no world. 

                In the  famous  snake-rope  illusion  analogy, the  snake  vision is  located  in the  rope  but the  rope is not located in the  snake vision  nor the  rope  is  in anyway  affected  by the snake  seen  on it. . In the  rope  there is no snake  or snake  vision. and  the  snake  is only an appearance  . When one   sees  the  rope in bright light  ,then  the  snake  disappears  and what is left is only  the rope and nothing but the rope. . When  the  individual attains knowledge  of Brahman  , he  no longer  sees  the  world, the world disappears  from his  vision.  The  world then becomes a mere  appearance. 

               It  is  with  God's power  of Maya  ,that  He makes  the impossible  look  possible  and  even  though everything  exists  because of Him,yet nothing  exists  in Him ,in the sense  that  He  is  totally independent  of all  that there is. The  Lord  advises  us seekers  to see  His true  Sat- Chit- Ananda  nature  in and  through the  appearance  in creation.   

to be  continued..... 

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