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Moha - delusion

Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 47
The Gita revisited
Moha -delusion.

                       There are three pairs of afflictions  we humans suffer from  and  they are janma and mrithyu   , birth and death at the  physical level, ashanaya  and  pipase  , hunger and thirst   at the  prana  level and  thirdly  , soka  and moha  , sorrow  and  delusion at the  mental level. Let us today  see  how  moha  , delusion, expresses   itself   in our  lives .

                    By  living in false  hopes  ,we delude ourselves  . We  expect  people  to behave  differently  to suit our  convenience  . We  expect  lasting happiness  from  changing  things , people  and  circumstances  . We  also  carry  false  hopes  that  more money  will  make us  happier, getting  married  would bring  more  happiness  in to our lives . Some  of us drain  our energies  indulging in wasteful activities  hoping  to get some  excitement  out of such activities  . Actions  by their nature are prompted by desires  but they  are meant  to  exhaust  our vasanas , make  us  peaceful ,calm and pure  . But  when  we  indulge in  unproductive, destructive  or immoral activities  ,we waste  our whole lives  in the  pursuit  of unhealthy  goals  and  we then continue to remain in delusion. 

           Knowledge  , in the real sense  of the  term  ,should free  us  from fear, grief and delusion. . Sometimes when we seek knowledge  that is useless  for our spiritual evolution , such a knowledge  creates  anxiety, fear  , loss  of faith and  make us remain  in delusion. . All our actions  are influenced  by our  thoughts  . Wrong thinking  deludes  us  because  of which  we come to believe  the wrong as right  and  the  right as wrong. . Our  wrong thinking  that  "  I am  my body, mind and  intellect  " has  kept  us  in ignorance  of  our  true  nature  and  so we wallow  in samsara  going through  sorrow  ,suffering  and delusion.  
           Hence  we  should  carefully  note  that  our  false hopes  prompt wasteful actions which strengthen useless  knowledge and which in turn creates wrong thinking and  vice versa  . All  of these strengthen  our delusion and  make us live  indulgent and  criminal  lives forgetting our higher nature  and  forgetting  the  real purpose  of our lives, that  of realising  our true  nature  . 

to be continued.....

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