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Self- knowledge - the birth right of all


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 49 
The Gita revisited 
Self -knowledge- the birth right of all.

                        Self-knowledge is considered as the king of all  knowledges. and is the foundation of all other knowledges  . Knowledge takes place  as thoughts in the  mind . It is the Self that illumines  the  thoughts that arise in the  mind. . Self- knowledge is the  substratum of all  knowledge .. Knowledge about the  world  can help us  only to get along in the  world, and   getting  qualified with a degree  from any university  could at best  help us get a job and build up our career .It is  Self knowledge alone that can put an end to all our sorrows  , sufferings  and  fears  and  attain  Supreme  Bliss. .

                   Self -knowledge  is  considered as secret  not because  it should  be protected  from all  the people from  knowing it  nor  is it  the  exclusive  privilege of  the  upper  class  but  because  it is a  subtle  subject  and hence  difficult  to  be understood  by the  layman  without  the  help of  a  Guru. Hence  this  knowledge is called  secret. Pujya  Gurudev  Swami Chinmayananda  says  that  this  knowledge  is the  birth right  of all.  This  knowledge  is  given  only  to a  fit  seeker  who  seeks it  from a  Guru. 

                   This  knowledge  can be realised  directly   as  ' I  am the  infinite  Self'.. In the  case  of  Self- knowledge  , the knower  , the knowledge  and the  known  all  become  one. . This knowledge  integrates  the  whole  personality  of the  seeker. . There  are four distinct entities  in each  individual and they  are the physical, mental  , the intellectual  and  the spiritual. It  is  only  when  these  four  are  integrated  , harmonised  , developed and  kept under  control  that  the  individual  comes to enjoy  joy and peace  . Having attained  Self -knowledge  ,the  individual gets  a  total integrated personality  .

                 The  seeker  on attaining Self- knowledge  becomes a realised  master   and  he sees the  Self in all  and   all in the  Self. This  knowledge  once gained  stays   on  with him  forever   effortlessly   under all  circumstances  . With regard to  other  knowledges  ,one  may  forget them  and may not be able  to recall  what  knowledge he has gained  but this is  not so with Self- knowledge. This knowledge is eternal.   Why  not  we , seekers , walk this path of  jnana  yoga  and surrender  to our Guru  and  take  the  guidance  of the  Guru  and  attain  Self- knowledge  in this  very  life time ?   Introspect . 

to be continued......

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