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The two margams


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 46 
The Gita revisited
The two margams . 

                  The  Bhagavad Gita talks  about two  routes  that  people  may take  after their death  , the first  is the Dakshinayana path to  chandraloka  and the  Uttarayana  path to Brahmaloka. . It  is  believed  that  the one who goes to chandraloka   comes  back  to this  world  after  his punya gets  exhausted ., while  the one who  reaches  Brahmaloka  attains  Krama mukti  - sequential  liberation and does not return to the cycle of birth and death.. Scriptures describe the  routes the individual takes to these lokas and  the presiding deities guiding the individual to his destination.      

                  These  paths  could  also  refer  to  the  two  paths  people  choose  even  while  living  here  in the  world. These  are the two margams  of  shreyas  and  preyas. Preyas  is the  materialistic path to gain sensual pleasures  ,which are  but  ephemeral  and  shreyas  is the  spiritualistic  path of dharma  and  values  to  attain  ever lasting results. Lord  Yama  tells  Nachiketas  in the  Kathopanishad  that both  shreyas ,the path of good and  preyas the  path of pleasant ,though having different objectives,  blind a  man .The  wise man chooses  the good, while the ignorant chooses the pleasant for the sake  of this  body through greed  and attachment. 

                 Seen  from a different point of view  ,we can also   understand  the two paths  to mean  the  two  ways  in which people depart from the  world. . A few are  fully  conscious  , their intellect active and bright  and mind peaceful at  the time of death  and mind  fully  aware  of  their departure  while there are  many  others   whose  minds are  full  of agitations and worries  and  attachments  and  their intellect dull  when they are departing  not  knowing  that they have come to the end of their journey   in this  bodily form. The destinations  of both  would  definitely be different   and  needless  to say  that  the destination  of the  former  would be brighter  than that  of the  latter. 

to be  continued...


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