Friday, 17 April 2015

Different paths but one destination.

The Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 56
The Gita revisited.
Different paths but one destination.

                         A question that  bothers the mind of any sincere seeker  is  that  'are  some  more qualified to realise God  or  are all  equally  qualified?'. Vedanta  reiterates  the  fact that all are  equally  qualified  ,irrespective  of  one's gender, caste, creed , colour  , education, family  , religion  or  nationality that one may belong to. . 

                      The  different  paths  ,the  scriptures throw  open to us  are  suitable  to each one of us  according  to  our own level  of  spiritual  growth and  evolution. . Not all  are  fit to walk the path of  jnana  yoga  and realise God. Only a few  evolved  souls  like   Sankara   could  straight away  take  to the  path of  knowledge  . For the  majority of  us  ,we first have  to  become free  from the  impurities  of the  mind  for which  we  need  to have  the  sadhana  chatustaya  sampatti  .  So  we  develop  viveka, vairagya, and  the  other  six ethical perfections  and  then to develop a desire  for moksha  , we are first asked to walk the  path of karma yoga  . On freeing  our minds of the impurities , we become qualified to walk the path of knowledge  and attain Self- realisation.

                 The  path of  devotion is  unique   in that  there are no preconditions or qualifications to walk the path of bhakti. All  that  one  needs is pure love and devotion for the Lord   and an urge to attain Him and merge in Him. Even ordinary mortals   like Sabari-a tribal woman, jatayu - the vulture, kevata - a boatman were blessed  by Lord Rama.  Even great saint and sages  too  have  walked  this  path of bhakti  and  attained  the Supreme. 

to be  continued.....


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