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God is impartial.




Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 55
The Gita revisited 
God is impartial.

  God  is impartial to all. His Grace flows on saints as well  as sinners alike. He  protects  the  believers  as well  as the non-believers  , the  spiritual person as well as the  materialist  . He does not discriminate  between   the rich and the poor. The  Lord says that  He  is impartial to all. He says  His devotees are dear  to Him  and  they are in Him and  He is  in them  . . This  statement  from the  Lord makes us raise our eyebrows as to  how  God  can  pass  such a statement  "  they are in Me  and  I am in them .", which looks as though the  Lord is  partial to His devotees. .  


    Before the  Mahabharata war  started ,the  Lord  said  that  He  would give His  Narayana  sena   to  one  side  and the  other  side  would have  the  Lord  but  without  His  weapons. Arjuna  asked  for  the  Lord  and  was indeed  blessed  to  hear  the  teachings  of the  Gita  from  the  Lord's  mouth   in the  battlefield  and  Arjuna  also  saw  victory in the war  because  he  chose  the  Lord. While  Duryodhana  wanted  only  the  Lord's  powerful  army  and   got  destroyed  in the  end  . The  Lord  blesses  His  devotees  in the way they  approach  Him  and  worship  Him . Hence  He  is impartial  

               The  Lord assures  us  here  that even  the  worst sinner  can  transform  himself  and  turn towards  God  ,hence  can be called a  good person. There  is  no eternal  damnation in  Hinduism  . Sage  Valmiki  was previously known as    Ratnakar  , a  robber  by profession , who  by the  grace  of  sage  Narada   turned  into Valmiki  after  he gave  up his  bad  ways  and  started  chanting  the  Lord's  name  continuously.  The  Lord's  Grace  turned  him into  the  famous  Valmiki  , the author  of the  Ramayana. 

                It  is  generally  believed  by devotees  that if we take  one  step   to  walk towards  Him, He  takes  ten steps  to  reach  us, his  devotees. That  is how   His  Kripa  gets expressed  . We  on our part  have  to be  open  to  receive  His  blessings  and  grace  flowing  through our  life  and  helping  us at every  stage  to  face  with courage  life's  problems  and  overcome  obstacles  and  grow  spiritually  . The  Lord  says  " My  devotee  never  perishes ".

to be  continued....

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