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pathram, pushpam,phalam ,thoyam


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part  54
The Gita revisited
Pathram, pushpam ,phalam thoyam 

                          We  worship God  according  to our own  limited understanding  of  Him. When  we understand  God  as a limited  power ,we  worship  Him  only  as  a finite  being  with limited  powers  and not as an infinite  Being  who is  Omnipotent, Omnipresent  and  Omniscient  . The  sattvika worship  deities  of knowledge  and divine  virtues, those  hankering  after  wealth  will  worship  deities of wealth and  power  and  those  with   tamasika  qualities  would  worship  deities which are  negative  and  evil   . A few  worship  their  parents  with the belief  that  worshiping them is  worshiping  God Himself. . Many  believe  that  doing selfless  actions  is the  best form of worship of the  Lord.  Some  try to see  God in nature  and hence  worship nature in the various ways  She presents  Herself to  us.  Lord Krishna  says  that in whatever way  people worship the deities , He accepts  all  of them as worship offered  to Him  only  and  it is  He  who bestows the  results  for  such  worship. even when it is a worship of the  finite deities. 

                 On the  other hand  ,God  is infinite, compassionate, all loving and  forgiving. . Whatever  we offer  Him  , the  Lord  accepts  it  ,be it  a leaf,  flower, fruit or   plain water. (  patram ,pushram, phalam and thoyam )  . The  Lord only sees  the  attitude behind our offering  . Whatever we offer Him  has to be offered  with  humility, love  and  pure devotion  ,without the  ego that  '   I am offering these  things to the  Lord.'  . For  ,whatever we are offering  to the  Lord  does not belong to us, all are  already  His  only. What is there  in this  world  which  is not His  already ?. The  Lord says  that when we do our duties  selflessly  dedicating  them  unto the  Lord  ,this is the  best way we can  worship Him and  please  Him. . In  this  way, all  our  actions  can  be  turned  into worship of the  Lord  by offering  them  unto Him  with  'Iswara arpana buddhi ' and  accepting  the  fruits  of all our actions  , whether pleasant or unpleasant  , as  'Iswara  prasada '. 

to be continued.....

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