Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The central jewel

Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 52
The Gita revisited 
The central jewel.

                           When we examine our own life on this earth, we find that we come to get no permanent joy or happiness  from anything that we do, or achieve  , or in any object or even in relationships .. We derive no happiness  from the ephemeral  pleasures  that we run after. . Even  the happiness  one comes to enjoy  in heaven  is  only temporary  and short  lived  ,as  this  happiness  will  end  when  one's punya karma  gets exhausted   and one is sent back to this earthly life. . So we keep wondering  if  there is a place in earth or heaven  or anywhere else   at all where  we  could find  permanent  bliss  ?

                          Verse 22  of chapter 9  is  at the  center  of the  Gita  ,like  a  central jewel, a  precious pendant  decorating  the priceless  necklace  of  700 verses  of the  Gita  . Herein  ,the  Lord  says  that  one  can live in Bliss  right here and  now. . God  is  Bliss  Absolute  . He  is  Sat, Cit  Ananda  swarupa.  and  when we  unite with Him and become one with Him ,we come  to experience  Bliss   in the here and  now. God alone  is  our path  through which we  have to walk  and also the goal to be reached  . He alone  is our support, strength  and  protector. . When all our thoughts and  actions  are dedicated  to the  Lord and  we come  to live  for  Him  and  when  He  becomes  the  dominating force  in our  life, and  when  His  work  becomes  our work  ,then all our thoughts and actions- physical, verbal and mental,all  turn into a  worship unto Him . We  are then in Bliss. 

                 The  seeker may at this  point of time  raise a  doubt  that  if  all my  thoughts and actions are  only  about  and  for  God, then  who will  take  care  of  my  family and its  needs?. The  Lord  through this  verse 22  gives  us  an assurance  that  it  is  His  responsibility  then  to  take  care of  us  and  our  family. , to  bless  us  with  what  we  lack  (yoga)  and  preserve  what we already have. ( kshema). God  promises to take care  of all our needs. All  that   is  needed  from our part  is  absolute  surrender to  God  and  His  Will  and  He  provides us with what we need  and  makes sure  it remains with us. Does not God protect us  right  from our  birth .? One  who has complete  faith that  God  takes care  of him  ,lives in peace and  enjoys all that he  has  because  he  is  connected  to  God and   he  lives  in Bliss.

to be  continued....