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women, vaishyas, sudras ..........

Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 57
The Gita revisited  
The  women, vaishyas   ,sudras  , those  born   of sinful wombs

               In verse 32 of chapter 9 , the Lord says  even  women, vaishyas  and sudras  - those born  of sinful wombs  , even they attain the supreme goal  and while  describing the  brahmanas' and the kshatriyas 's births  He  uses the  words  ' meritorious  births'  . Pujya Gurudev  Swami Chinmayananda   defines sin as that act which keeps one away from the  Truth. and merit as that  act that  helps us know the  Truth. 

          We  have seen  in an earlier  page  that the  caste system  was  initially     based  on one's  mental  makeup (  gunas ) and  profession  and  not  on birth. . Having certain  mental  qualities  becomes an  obstacle  or  having certain other qualities  become  advantageous  to the seeker of Truth. . The  women referred  to in the above  verse  means  that  womanly  qualities  of attachment  , dependency   and  being emotional  , and  the  vaishyas  referred  to in the same  verse  mean  people  with qualities  of manipulating, calculating  and profit making  and  the sudra qualities  of herd mentality , dullness  , lethargy   all  these qualities    are  disadvantageous  to the seeker  after Truth.  

          While  we know  that when the  Geeta  speaks  of brahmanas  , it does not refer   to the  brahmanas  of the present   day  caste system . They refer  to the  sattvik nature  of a person who has a quest for knowledge  , has  subtle thinking abilities  and  is generally peaceful.  The  kshatriyas referred  to  in the verse   stand  for qualities  of brightness  , dynamism  and daringness. . So a  brahmana  and a  kshtatriya   with these  qualities   get   the best opportunity   and qualification   to  gather knowledge  and know the Truth. 

               The  chapter ends  with the  Lord's assurance  that  when we think of Him, put our heart  in Him  , consider nothing greater than  Him and are ready  to sacrifice  our all  for  Him  and  dedicate  our life  for  Him  then  we  shall   without doubt  attain Him - the  Infinite Supreme Truth. 

to be  continued....

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