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Worshipping God


Practical ways to spirituality- section 7 part 51
The Gita  revisited 
Worshipping God 

                          God  can be  worshipped  in different ways  according to the different  attitudes that  people may  have  towards the  Lord .  Whatever be the attitude ,what is important  is  having  shraddha  and  bhakti  for   one's own ishta devata . Being in a satsang  one  gets to develop  the  emotion of love  for the  Lord  and  one's mind remains in peace. . Some like  to hear  the  stories  about the  Lord  being told by a mahatma. . While a few  may like to sing  the  glories of the Lord  and  in this  process  ,a bhakta  may come to imbibe  the  divine virtues  of the  Lord in his own life.

                         Some  exhibit their  devotion  be  doing  parikrama  of the  temple  premises  and  also  do  prostrations  in front of the  idol or image  of the  Lord. . This  is a  sign  of humility  and reverence  for the  Lord. . A few  others like  to worship  God by  studying  the  scriptural  texts   and  His  teachings  found in them. So they  make  study of the  scriptures  a life long affair   , continue  to  reflect  and also  discuss  with  like  minded people the  Truths elaborated  in them . Some  become  teachers  and  enlighten  the minds  of the ignorant seekers  or  some  give  discourses  on the  different  scriptural texts. 

                      A few  meditate  on God  as their own  infinite Self  (  soham  )   and seek  oneness  with God  . Here the  devotee  finds no differentiation between  him  and  God  . This  is  Advaita  . While  a  majority  who are  still  in their  early  stage  of spiritual  growth  understand  God  as  being  different  from them   and  come  to see  God  as their  friend,  a child  or  as their  beloved .. Many  worship God  in His  incarnations  as  Sri Rama  or  Sri  Krishna  . Some  whose  spiritual  consciousness  is  advanced  ,see  the Lord  in all  His  creation. and  hence  worship  the  whole  of nature. 

                       It  is  important  to  note  that  in whatever  way  we  worship  God  ,He  accepts  our  worship. and  responds  to  our  prayers. . God  is  the  Self  in all  and  all  reside  in Him  , He  being  the  substratum  of everything  ..   He  is  the  refuge  of all. . God  alone  works  as  our  conscience  (  adhyatma  )  , He  alone  controls  our  immediate  surroundings  (  adhibuta  )  and  through  laws   He  controls  natural phenomena   ( adhidevik).. It  is important  to understand  that  each of us are at different  levels  of  spiritual  growth  and  whatever  path  we  have  undertaken  to  follow  in our  lives  , let  us  pursue  the path  with  shraddha  and  bhakti  

to be  continued ....

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