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Yogakshemam vahamyaham.

Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 53
The Gita revisited 
Yogakshemam vahamyaham 

                     The  Lord  has given  us  the  assurance  in verse 22  of chapter 9 that  He  will  take care of  us  , of all our needs , provide us with all that we need  and   preserve  all that we already possess.  " Yogakshemam   vahamyaham  ". All  that  He  expects  us  to  do  is  have  an  unflinching  devotion   for and  faith in  Him. To  those  who are  still  struggling  with   fulfilling  material  desires  ,to such  devotees  He  assures  them  that  there will  be  complete  success  in their  worldly  life  if  they  inculcate  three  factors  in their  life  that  of   consistency  of willing and thinking  , singleness  of purpose  and  self control. .
                   The  above three  factors  are also very important  in one's  spiritual  journey  as well  ,to take  him forward  .The  Lord  promises  those  who with single  pointed  mind  meditate  on Him  as  the  ONE and  only  Reality  , that  He  would  bring yoga  and  kshema  to them  , meaning  He  would  bless them  with  more and  more  spiritual  strength and vigour  (  yoga)  and  the  final  experience  of the  Ultimate  (  kshema  ) , which  is  the  liberation that  scriptures talk  about  . The  Lord  assures  them  that  He  will  see  to it  that  no obstacle  becomes too great   an  impediment  as to hinder the devotee's  spiritual  journey  . The  devotee  who  has  undertaken  this  journey  with  complete  faith  and shraddha  in the  words of the  Guru, in the  teachings  of the  scriptures  and  in the  presence  of the  Almighty God. , will  be  protected  says the  Lord  .  He and  his  family's needs  will  be  taken care  of by the  Lord. 

                   Adi  Sankara  defines  the  term ' yoga'as the power to gain and  'kshema ' as the power to guard . It  is true that  all of our life's struggles  amount to only  gaining material things  and  also guarding them  . The  one  who  is  free  from these two preoccupations has risen  above  the  need  for  them   and has gained all  that  is  to  gained    meaning  the  one  who  has  attained  self knowledge  has  no need  for  them  , he has attained the state of Bliss  ,free  from all  sorrows. 

to be  continued...

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  1. OM. Thank You. Whole of vedanta is about god alone, and thank you for bringing out the bhakti in our gita revisited.