Friday, 15 May 2015

A few divine virtues.

The Gita revisited 
A few divine virtues .

                A few divine virtues are enumerated by the Lord   and the possession  of these virtues brings success    ,says the  Lord.   The  divine virtues , to mention a few are Keerti, Sri, Vak, Smriti  , Meda  , Dhriti  and kshama , are symbolically represented  as women  who were  married   to great rishis . Keerti and  Sri refer  to  fame and wealth  that one possesses .They do not refer to worldly fame and wealth. . Keerti refers  to the  good name one acquires     because of  the virtues one has  and good acts one performs . Divine wealth is  the inner wealth of goodness   and  the wealth that is used  for the welfare of others. 

              Vak  - speech becomes  divine when   words  are spoken with love  , when it is truthful and sweet   and when there is meaningful communication. . Even chanting the name of the Lord   or imparting  spiritual knowledge  is divine speech.  Smriti  - memory becomes  divine  when one remembers   the good advices  when one needs it  . Memory  also refers  to  remembering one's true nature  at all times.  Divine Medha  is meaningful retention  of the  meaning of life- God or Truth.  Dhriti  is  exhibiting  patience  while  holding  on to the Truth inspite  of obstacles   and challenges  . Kshama  become a divine virtue  when  one forgives and forgets   all insults  or hurt caused  by others  whether  right or wrong. 

             The  Lord says  that among all these feminine  qualities  'I am any one of them  or all of them put together. . ' Whoever possesses  these virtues  exhibits  the Lord's glory  through his virtues  . . Whenever a person  shows these qualities  , it  means  that  he has  definitely made  necessary  adjustments  in his inner  equipments  to manifest  the  Divine  in him. 

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