Monday, 18 May 2015

gambling- the greatest vice.


The Gita revisited .
Gambling -the greatest vice. 

                      After  describing in detail  the glories  of the Lord,  Krishna says  that  He is to be  seen  not only among the majestic and the divine  but also among the lowest of the low. . The Lord says that He  is the very gambling in  the people  who  gamble . The Lord picks up this vice among all other  kinds of vices present in the world because  Yudhistra , the eldest of the Pandavas  had a weakness for the game of dice  and  he  put his own family members,his brothers and wife  at stake and lost them and himself too in the process  of gambling. . And  because  Yudhishtra  lost everything , his kingdom, his self-esteem  , the Pandavas  had to spend 12 years  in the forest  and  remain  incognito on the 13th year. The Pandavas suffered a lot  because  of Yudhishtra's   weakness  for gambling. Hence   to show  how  gambling  affects  and finally destroys a family  , the Lord says  that He is  the  gambling in the gambler .

               Gambling is a very addictive habit  and  the person who gambles becomes  greedy   to gain more and more  if  he wins  and so cannot  quit the game  . The person who loses too can never quit the game  because he continues  to hope  that the  results would change  and luck would be on his side  . The Lord  is the architect  of the entire universe and whatever happens  in the world  looks as though has His approval. . Though He says  He is the gambling of the gambler, He does not in any way go to justify gambling in any way. . Gambling is considered as adharma and whoever  indulges in gambling  destroys  himself, his own life becomes shattered. . It is the gambler who has to undergo the  after effects  of gambling  in as much as he loses his health, his wealth, his possessions   sanity  and peace of mind. and  status  in society  and self -esteem. . His  habit affects  his family members' fortunes and mental well being. 

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