Friday, 22 May 2015

no end to the Lord's glories

The Gita revisited. 

                       We could continue  to go on  and on  describing the Lord's  glories. . The Lord says that there is no end to His glories, to His  divine manifestations. There is nothing moving or unmoving  that can exist without Me says the Lord.. The Lord adds  that whatever  He has told Arjuna while describing His glorious  manifestations   are just merely an indication of the  extent of His opulence. . All  that we need to know and remember  is that whatever in existence is powerful , glorious  and beautiful is only a spark of the  Lord's splendour.

                     His innumerable  vibhutis( manifestations )  are  but  one part of His infinite unmanifest nature (  yoga ). The  Lord has made Arjuna understand  the  ONE ( GOD )  in the many ( vibhuti )  and  the many in the  One ( yoga ).. The Lord ends the chapter by saying that He  is far far beyond all  His manifestations.  The  Lord  says  "  but of what avail to thee the knowledge  of all these details , O Arjuna? I exist  , supporting this whole world by one part of Myself. " And  the next chapter begins with Arjuna  saying to the Lord  that  on hearing the divine glories  from the Lord Himself ,his delusion is gone. 

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