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The Guru and the shishya.


The  Gita revisited.
The Guru and the shishya .

                            The tenth chapter opens  with the  Lord's advice   to  Arjuna  to listen  to  the  knowledge the Lord  is giving  him  for his welfare. . The teacher  and the taught should have a wonderful relationship  between them .

                            It is a practice  to start  each day's lesson  by chanting the  peace invocation  : " sahanavavathu .........."  .This peace invocation is  found in the Kathopanishad  which belongs to Krishna Yajur Veda . Both the  Guru and the  shishya  pray that   they be protected  , that their hunger for knowledge  be protected  , that  both the guru and shishya  enjoy  the  process  of study, the knowledge  and the goal   together, , that  may they put  forth  their sincere effort  - the teacher  teaching  to the level  the  student  understands   and the student  trying his best  to understand   the teacher's words with an open mind.  Both pray that   this knowledge  help transform their lives  and may this knowledge  help them when needed. and that they do not come to  quarrel over anything   And lastly  ,they pray that  they  be free  from the  three  obstacles  - adhibautik, adhideivik and  adhyatmik. 

                       Both Guru and shishyas learn through  mutual study. . Their relationship is such that both  evolve.  It is a mutually dependent relationship. . Sincerity  from both is important. . The  teacher should  have  faith in the student's  ability to learn  and  he should also appreciate  the student's sincere  efforts.  The teacher  should  be willing to accommodate  all kinds  of students  and  in fact  he never ever rejects  any student.  though  of course  the teacher tests  the calibre  of the student  to check where  the student stands  . Whenever  a student  falls below  the standards set by the teacher, the  teacher   helps him to purify himself and lift himself up  to the standards  expected of him. 

                  The  student  on his part should have  a lot of love , respect  and  reverence  for the  teacher , for  the  knowledge   and  the  teaching. . He  should have  keenness  and enthusiasm   to listen and learn  . Thus  both the  Guru and shishya   together  make  the  teaching- learning process  very much enjoyable. . In  the Gita  we find  both  the  Lord  and Arjuna share  an ideal  teacher- student  relationship. 

to be continued.....


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