Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Lord's vibhutis continue.....

The Gita revisited. 
The  Lord's vibhutis continue....

                    The  Lord goes on to give a few of His glories  from the vedas and puranas. . He says  among the gods  He is Indra, , among the vedas the  Sama  veda, of   military commanders, He is  Sakanda , He is  Indra's vajra. . The  Gayathri mantra is popular as the  most  famous mantra  of the Vedas  , the gayathri mantra is in this  metre . . It is an invocation to the sun , the god of the intellect  to make us intelligent . The Lord says among  metres  He is  Gayathri. 

                 The  Lord enumerates  a few of His  incarnations .  Lord Vishnu incarnated as  Vamana  , a young brahmana ,who asked king Bali for just three  feet  of land. When  Bali surrendered   his ego ,pride and desires   to the  Lord  , the Lord  made  him the eternal king of Pathal loka  and  promised to guard  his kingdom personally for three months in a year. . The  Lord says among warriors  I am  Rama. . The  Lord incarnated as  Maryada Purushottam  Ram .The  Ramayana  - the story of Ram  , inspires  one and all even today.  to become  His devotee.  The  Lord incarnated as  Krishna  . He is considered as the poornaavatar. . He incarnated to protect the righteous  and destroy the  unrighteous. . The  Lord  became  the charioteer  for Arjuna  whom He considered as His very heart. . The Lord gave  Arjuna  The  Geeta   and through him to generations  of men and women   who have been benefited  by the  message of the  Geeta.  to live a righteous life. 

             Some of  the Lord's glories among sages and devotees  are also given by the Lord. . The Lord says  among sages  He is  sage Bhrgu , who  was sent to find  out who amongst the trinity was  the greatest. . The Lord says He is the celestial missionary Narada , who continuously chants  the name of the Lord . Among the Pandavas  I am Arjuna  says the Lord. Arjuna is an incomparable glory of the Lord. . I am Vyasa  among the wise says the Lord. . Bhagavan  Veda  Vyasa  compiled the four Vedas , the composed the great epic Mahabharata  , the 18 Puranas, and the  Brahma Sutras.  and many other scriptures. which  are considered as basis for dharma and culture. He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 

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