Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Lord's vibhutis

The Gita revisited.
The Lord's  vibhutis.

                       Lord  shows  Arjuna  some eighty  of His glories  ,which are worshipful and meditation worthy. . We  are expected to meditate on these divine manifestations  of the Lord.  The Lord shows  Arjuna  some  of His glories   from nature. The  brilliant sun  and the soothing moon are expressions  of the Lord's vibhutis. . Meditating on  the sun makes us bright and brilliant.  and  meditating on the moon  helps us to control our moods. and  makes us pleasing to others. . The  vast ocean  is  glorious  and worthy  of being meditated upon. . Amongst  the great trees  , the peepal tree  is considered  sacred  . It  is believed  that the  Buddha  attained Nirvana sitting under a peepal tree.  The  Lord says  this tree  is His  glory. 

              The  Himalayas  ,which have  been  the sacred  abode  of the sages  and saints  ,are sought after by seekers   for  the  Guru  and  knowledge. The Lord says  among the mountains  He is the the Himalayas.  The  Lord as  Nara  and  Narayana   are believed to reside here. . Lord Siva resides in Kailasa.   Pujya Gurudev Swami chinmayananda  received  knowledge from his  Guru  Swami  Sivananda  in Rishikesh   and  then  he was  sent by his Guru  to  Swami  Tapovanji Maharaj  in  the  Himalayas  . While  a dozen or so  of  the disciples  stayed back to  attain Self- Realisation, Pujya Gurudev  alone  came down   to the  cities  to spread the knowledge  of  the  Upanishads in the language  that we could understand  . But for  Pujya Gurudev's  efforts  in making the knowledge  of Vedanta  available   to the masses, we  would  still  be groping in the  dark  in ignorance  about our scriptures.  Incidentally, this  year ,Chinmaya mission is  celebrating  the birth centenary  of   Pujya Gurudev  from May 8th  . Year long celebrations  have been  planned  all  our India  and the world.  . 

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