Sunday, 3 May 2015

Vibhuti and yoga

The Gita revisited.
Vibhuti and yoga .

                 The two terms  vibhuti and yoga  are explained   in  the chapter ' the path of vibhuti -yoga . The Lord explains  how His true nature can be known  and  to realise  how His  infinite potential creates (  yoga ), how  to experience  His manifestations as the  entire world  and meditate  on His wonderful manifestations in creation (  vibhuti)  

                The  Lord appears  in many different ways  . He alone  appears  as the earth , the planets  and other heavenly bodies  . He alone  appears  as the inner virtues   like love and compassion . His creative power  is yoga  and His  manifestations  are His vibhuti. . All  things exist because  of God's existence . The essence is yoga  and  the manifold  specialities  are  vibhuti. . Divine  vision is to see  God  in the entire  creation  and  to see  the  world  in God. . To see  God in the  creation  is vibhuti  and to see  creation in God  is  yoga. 

                 When we  close our eyes  and  meditate  on the source  of creation, it is called  yoga darshana and open eyed  meditation on His  divine manifestation is  vibhuti darshana . The highest  state is to realise the Truth beyond the  unmanifest power  and  the manifest  world  as one's own Self. This is called  tattva darshana. . The  Lord tells  Arjuna  and through him to all  of us  that  He  is  the essence , the Self of all.  All  special qualities arise from Him , are sustained  by Him  and merge  back  into Him. 

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