Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wonderful gifts from the Lord


The Gita revisited .
Wonderful gifts to us from the Lord. 

             The  glories of the Lord can also be experienced  from the gifts He has given us. . This life  that He has gifted us is the most precious of all. gifts . It is only with this life that we can accomplish  great things in our life.  and  being born as a human ,we can strive  to realise  our Self. . The  Lord has given us  this incredible mind ,which can travel  a thousand times  faster than  light. . It is the mind that collects all information  through the  five sense organs   and  responds back to the  external world   of beings and objects. . The mind is the subtle instrument  that wills, desires  and  shows  emotions such as love, compassion, anger and hatred and so on. 

           The  Lord has given us  the power of fruitful discussion - vaada . . Among the  discussion  on the scriptures  , the one between  Adi Sankaracharya  and  Mandana Misra  is very famous. . The  former argued that  it is only  through  right knowledge   that one could get liberation , while  the latter  argued  that  it was only through right action ,one could get liberated. . The  vaada  continued  for seven days   and  Sankaracharya  proved in the end  that only knowledge could give liberation. . Thereafter  , Mandana  Misra  became Sankara's disciple   and came to be known as  Sureshvaracarya. 

    The   most  important gift He has blessed us  .with  is to attain Self knowledge in this very life. . The  Lord  calls   spiritual knowledge   His divine  glory. . The  Lord praises  spiritual knowledge through out the Gita  . The  Geeta itself  is an example  of spiritual knowledge  . Through  Arjuna  in the battlefield  , the Lord has given us  the knowledge of the Geeta.  The knowledge of the Upanishads  , the Bhagavad Geeta, the Brahma Sutras    were made available to us through  the bhasyas  ( commentaries  )  of the three great acharyas  namely- Adi Sankaracarya, Ramanujacarya  and  Madhavacarya. . In the modern times  ,the  knowledge  of these sacred scriptures were made available  to us  in the language  we understand  through  the  commentaries  in English  by Pujya Gurudev  Swami Chinmayananda  . . We are indebted  to all these great saints and sages   for making the knowledge easily available   to  us   now. Is it not important  then  that  we too  spread this knowledge ,  to the extent we have  understood  the deeper import of the scriptural texts  from our our Guru , to people around us. ? The  main aim of  this  blog has been  and will always be  to spread this knowledge  to the small extent I have understood  the texts . 

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