Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fix your mind and intellect in Me


The  Gita revisited.
Fix your mind and intellect in Me .

                 "  Fix your mind and intellect in Me  and  you shall  doubtlessly dwell in Me  ,"says  the Lord.  Well, how  do we  fix our mind and intellect in   God  ?The  mind's very nature  is to wish, will, desire  and doubt  .We  develop  desires  to achieve   many goals in life. and  to be successful in fulfilling  our desires  , we put in our best efforts with a single minded  dedication  to achieve  what we desire. This  is  also  true   in the case  of our desire  to attain  the  goal  of realising  God  /Truth. .  While  pursuing  this goal  ,we  must not get distracted  on our path but keep up  the  fire  of this desire burning and   with a single minded devotion  ,we  must pursue  this goal to the exclusion of all other  desires. . The intellect  analyses and decides. So when  we have  fixed  realising God  as our only goal  , the intellect  must continue  to sustain this  goal  and its focus must be  towards  fulfilling the  achievement  of this goal. 

                  The  mind is the  seat  of emotions  and the intellect  of knowledge. . So the  mind must be filled with devotion  and  love  for  God  and the intellect must be focussed  in knowing Him. . When this  happens  ,we know that  our mind and intellect are  integrated  and  that we  will definitely  achieve  this goal in this very life. . Sometimes , our mind and intellect get out of  control, when  we meet  with ' bad  ' situations  in life  . At such times,it is important  that  our faith in God remains steady  and  when we surrender  to God's will, we allow  things  to  happen  ,without  our getting unnecessarily  disturbed or agitated. This is intelligent living  . 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The two concepts of God.


The Gita revisited.
The two concepts of God .

                        God  can be conceived  as  Nirguna  Brahman  ,the attributeless  Reality   or  as  Saguna Brahman ,God with  attributes. When God  is seen as  nirguna Brahman, He has  no names,forms  or attributes. He is  the  substratum and illuminator  of   all that there  is  . He is of the  nature  of  Sat- Cit-  Ananda , Existence- Consciousness  -Bliss. and  is the Self  of all.  Brahman is  described  as  nirguna, nirakara, nirvikara  , nirvikalpa, niranjana  , nirmala  and nithya   and the knower of Brahman  becomes   nitya  mukta   . Knowing Brahman he becomes  Brahman. 

                  God can be comprehended  as  saguna Brahman, God with form, names  and attributes. . God then can be worshipped  as Iswara  -as the Lord of the universe .. He  then becomes  the creator, sustainer and destroyer  of the world. represented  by Brahma, Vishnu and  Maheshwara. respectively. . He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent  and Omniscient .and  has  qualities  of love, compassion and grace. . God can be viewed  in and through  all  His  manifestations  . The  entire universe  is then seen  as the cosmic form of the Lord.  God  incarnates  as Sri. Rama  , as  Sri  Krishna  and  so on  and  these  incarnations  through  their  life ,work and teachings  establish dharma  on earth. Devotees  seek God  through  worship, rituals  and  meditation  , listen to His  glory and  serve  Him through  performing  their worldly  duties 

             It  is  relatively easy  to meditate  on Saguna  Brahman   as the  mind has a  form and qualities to hold onto  but  the devotee  must have  a strong  faith in God .while   it is  difficult  to meditate  on a  formless  Brahman  or even to conceive  of  nirguna Brahman  and the seeker  must have   subtle  discrimination and strong  detachment (  viveka  and vairagya ) to  meditate  upon the formless  Truth.  

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Two aspects of devotion.


The Gita  revisited.
Two aspects of devotion.

                  Devotion  can come up in the mind  only when we understand  well  the greatness and  glory  of  God.   People  have  different  views  about God  . Some  believe  and worship  God  with form and qualities  . Some  others see  God in nature. , while  many see  God  and worship Him in His divine  incarnations  as  Sri Rama  , Sri  Krishna  and so on. . Some see God in idols  . There are  others who believe in  a God without qualities  or form  but with love  and compassion.

                God  has two aspects  :  one  without  attributes  and forms  (  nirguna  )  and  the other  with  qualities  and form  ( saguna  )  . Arjuna wants  to know  which one  amongst them  is  more perfect  ,those who worship  God with form and qualities  ( saguna upasaka )   and are thus always united  with God  in love   or those  who meditate  on the eternal  and  indestructible  unmanifest without  attributes or form  (  nirguna upasaka  )

             Neither aspect  is superior to the other. . Devotees  seeking God/ Truth   through either aspect  reach the  same  Truth. . There is no contradiction between  these two aspects.  Saint  Thyagaraja  is believed  to have attained  God   Realisation   through  worshipping   Sri Rama  . Pujya Gurudev   Swami Chinmayananda  '  was well  established  in the  Truth   without qualities   and yet  he revelled  in   worshipping  the  form  of the  Lord ' . Lord  Krishna  says  that  only  one  whose  mind is  totally  absorbed  in God  is  a better  devotee  and  so  for that matter  one  could be a  nirguna  upasaka  or a  saguna  upasaka.  and  the devotee  who knows   that both are aspects of God   has  the best knowledge. 


Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Lord's Grace

The Gita revisited
The  Lord's Grace. 

                             When we do good actions  like  charity, special worships or yajnas ,they  do bring  worldly benefits  but yet they cannot make  one fit to have the rare vision of the infinite cosmic form of the  Lord that  Arjuna  had. . The  divine vision that Arjuna had was priceless  . He  was blessed with the rare privilege  of this vision  out of the  love the Lord had for him.

                             So we now become  curious to know  what invokes  the  love of God.  The Lord loves all beings  unconditionally as His own Self. , yet  our unswerving  love (  ananya bhakti )evokes   His  special Grace . When  we are blessed  with  His Grace  , it is then made possible  to  'know' Him  , 'see ' Him  and  ' become '  one with Him . There  are three  stages  through which a sincere devotee  progresses. First  he comes to ' know' God as  ' I am  His  , he  then graduates  to the second stage  when he  'sees  ' God  and  feels  ' He  is  mine ' and upto this stage  duality is still  there  , the bhakta and  God are  different. . He  finally  graduates to the  third stage  when he  'becomes  '  'one with Him'. when he realises the Truth  ' I am He. . Now  there is no more difference between the bhakta  and God , between 'me  and  Him'  . He and I are one.

                           When  we surrender  to the Lord and  align our body, mind and intellect with God  , we shall surely attain Him . When we come to consider Him as our supreme goal, love  Him wholeheartedly and serve  Him  at all times through all our actions,  when we give up all our likes and dislikes  , our attachments  to objects, people  and situations  , and be free  from   hatred  , well  we  shall definitely be blessed  by His  Grace  .

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Arjuna was wonder struck.......


The Gita revisited.
Arjuna was wonder struck.....

                At first  ,Arjuna bowed  down reverentially on seeing  the cosmic form of the Lord  and  he began to express words of praise and gratitude to the Lord.  This emotion then gave rise to fear in the mind of  Arjuna . He was not able to accept the Lord's destructive aspect . When he saw that  all the worlds were getting  destroyed  , and hundreds and thousands . of soldiers  from both sides of the army  were getting killed  and  Bhishma, Drona  and karna  too were dying in the war , he pleaded to Krishna  in fear. . The terrified  Arjuna  started pleading  to the Lord to withdraw  His destructive  Form .. He wanted to know why the Lord was showing this particular aspect of His cosmic form to Arjuna .

            Arjuna was wonderstruck, fear struck, love struck all at once  by the  divine vision and  again and again he started  to praise the Lord . He said : All is as it should be . that  the great no wonder worshipped the Lord , saluted Him . Arjuna  prostrated to  Lord Krishna again and again  and  asked to be forgiven .and  then started to plead to   the  Lord  to show  His auspicious  form with four hands . Arjuna  knew that  he did not do anything   great  to deserve this  divine vision of the Lord. . What  Arjuna  was blessed was indeed priceless  and  was given  to Arjuna  out of sheer love  the Lord had for Arjuna  . The  Lord made him realise  that such a blessing could never be gained through self effort . It is the Lord's grace that made it possible for Arjuna to be blessed  by this divine vision. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The divine cosmic vision

The Gita revisited .
The divine cosmic vision.

                     Even as Arjuna was given a special vision to see  the Lord's cosmic form in one place all at once , Sanjaya , who was given the divine vision by sage Vyasa before the war started   ,was indeed also seeing the  Lord's cosmic form and reporting the same to king Dhritarashtra .. A question would now arise in our minds  as to where Arjuna would have actually seen the cosmic form . Did he see it in space or on some infinite  canvas ,we would be tempted to ask. 

                 The Lord assumed a huge limitless  form and Arjuna saw the  divine vision in the Lord's body  itself. Arjuna saw that he was also a part of the cosmic form and  he saw the divine form endlessly extending  all around him. Arjuna  saw  all the species  of animals, birds  and other creatures ,all at once. .He saw everything altogether -the heavenly and hellish regions  , victory and death, creation and destruction  all at the same time  

               In short  ,it seemed to  be an overwhelming experience  for Arjuna  . . At  first ,he bowed down  reverentially  on seeing the Lord's  virat  swarupa  and  he began to express  words  of praise  and gratitude  for the  Lord. He  himself had wanted to have a darshan of the Lord's cosmic form, but yet ,he was not able to absorb the  enormous  and splendrous  cosmic form. He could not  accept  the destructive  aspect  of the Lord . So  as he  was fear  struck  ,he pleaded with the Lord to withdraw this fearful aspect  and  show him his  lovable  form .


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The divine vision.

The gita revisited 
The divine vision.

              Having seen the various  manifestations of the  Cosmic Form . Arjuna  now wishes  to see  the  entire Cosmic Form of the  Lord. . From  the first chapter on , Arjuna's mind has been in a state of confusion and delusion. The  Lord  has waited  patiently for him  to finish  expressing his grief  in the  first chapter and the beginning  of the second chapter.Thereafter  only, the  Lord has started  His  teachings. . In the  third chapter,Arjuna  raises a doubt as to why the Lord  who has praised the  path of knowledge  ,has asked him to fight this terrible war. In the  fifth chapter , Arjuna wants  to know  which of the two paths  -the  path of abandonment  of action or the  path of action is better and the Lord has explained  to him  that of the two paths , the path of selfless  action is better. 

           Nowhere  do we see  Arjuna  asking for any special favours  from the Lord . But  now,Arjuna makes  a special request  to  the Lord. Having  seen the  glories  of the Lord in and through His  manifestations , he now wishes to 'see '  the entire  Cosmic Form  of the  Lord in one place  all at once. Lord Krishna  now  in the 11th chapter immediately  shows  Arjuna  His  Cosmic Form , but  Arjuna could not see  it with  his  normal  vision.. So the Lord shows  him the all in one Divine Form ,which only Arjuna could see amongst all those present in the battlefield . Arjuna was given 'an insight' or a' special vision ' as it were ,to experience the Cosmic Form , so that  he could appreciate  the extraordinariness  of the Cosmic Vision  with the extraordinary vision  bestowed  on him.