Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Arjuna was wonder struck.......


The Gita revisited.
Arjuna was wonder struck.....

                At first  ,Arjuna bowed  down reverentially on seeing  the cosmic form of the Lord  and  he began to express words of praise and gratitude to the Lord.  This emotion then gave rise to fear in the mind of  Arjuna . He was not able to accept the Lord's destructive aspect . When he saw that  all the worlds were getting  destroyed  , and hundreds and thousands . of soldiers  from both sides of the army  were getting killed  and  Bhishma, Drona  and karna  too were dying in the war , he pleaded to Krishna  in fear. . The terrified  Arjuna  started pleading  to the Lord to withdraw  His destructive  Form .. He wanted to know why the Lord was showing this particular aspect of His cosmic form to Arjuna .

            Arjuna was wonderstruck, fear struck, love struck all at once  by the  divine vision and  again and again he started  to praise the Lord . He said : All is as it should be . that  the great no wonder worshipped the Lord , saluted Him . Arjuna  prostrated to  Lord Krishna again and again  and  asked to be forgiven .and  then started to plead to   the  Lord  to show  His auspicious  form with four hands . Arjuna  knew that  he did not do anything   great  to deserve this  divine vision of the Lord. . What  Arjuna  was blessed was indeed priceless  and  was given  to Arjuna  out of sheer love  the Lord had for Arjuna  . The  Lord made him realise  that such a blessing could never be gained through self effort . It is the Lord's grace that made it possible for Arjuna to be blessed  by this divine vision. 

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