Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fix your mind and intellect in Me


The  Gita revisited.
Fix your mind and intellect in Me .

                 "  Fix your mind and intellect in Me  and  you shall  doubtlessly dwell in Me  ,"says  the Lord.  Well, how  do we  fix our mind and intellect in   God  ?The  mind's very nature  is to wish, will, desire  and doubt  .We  develop  desires  to achieve   many goals in life. and  to be successful in fulfilling  our desires  , we put in our best efforts with a single minded  dedication  to achieve  what we desire. This  is  also  true   in the case  of our desire  to attain  the  goal  of realising  God  /Truth. .  While  pursuing  this goal  ,we  must not get distracted  on our path but keep up  the  fire  of this desire burning and   with a single minded devotion  ,we  must pursue  this goal to the exclusion of all other  desires. . The intellect  analyses and decides. So when  we have  fixed  realising God  as our only goal  , the intellect  must continue  to sustain this  goal  and its focus must be  towards  fulfilling the  achievement  of this goal. 

                  The  mind is the  seat  of emotions  and the intellect  of knowledge. . So the  mind must be filled with devotion  and  love  for  God  and the intellect must be focussed  in knowing Him. . When this  happens  ,we know that  our mind and intellect are  integrated  and  that we  will definitely  achieve  this goal in this very life. . Sometimes , our mind and intellect get out of  control, when  we meet  with ' bad  ' situations  in life  . At such times,it is important  that  our faith in God remains steady  and  when we surrender  to God's will, we allow  things  to  happen  ,without  our getting unnecessarily  disturbed or agitated. This is intelligent living  . 

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