Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The divine cosmic vision

The Gita revisited .
The divine cosmic vision.

                     Even as Arjuna was given a special vision to see  the Lord's cosmic form in one place all at once , Sanjaya , who was given the divine vision by sage Vyasa before the war started   ,was indeed also seeing the  Lord's cosmic form and reporting the same to king Dhritarashtra .. A question would now arise in our minds  as to where Arjuna would have actually seen the cosmic form . Did he see it in space or on some infinite  canvas ,we would be tempted to ask. 

                 The Lord assumed a huge limitless  form and Arjuna saw the  divine vision in the Lord's body  itself. Arjuna saw that he was also a part of the cosmic form and  he saw the divine form endlessly extending  all around him. Arjuna  saw  all the species  of animals, birds  and other creatures ,all at once. .He saw everything altogether -the heavenly and hellish regions  , victory and death, creation and destruction  all at the same time  

               In short  ,it seemed to  be an overwhelming experience  for Arjuna  . . At  first ,he bowed down  reverentially  on seeing the Lord's  virat  swarupa  and  he began to express  words  of praise  and gratitude  for the  Lord. He  himself had wanted to have a darshan of the Lord's cosmic form, but yet ,he was not able to absorb the  enormous  and splendrous  cosmic form. He could not  accept  the destructive  aspect  of the Lord . So  as he  was fear  struck  ,he pleaded with the Lord to withdraw this fearful aspect  and  show him his  lovable  form .


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