Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The divine vision.

The gita revisited 
The divine vision.

              Having seen the various  manifestations of the  Cosmic Form . Arjuna  now wishes  to see  the  entire Cosmic Form of the  Lord. . From  the first chapter on , Arjuna's mind has been in a state of confusion and delusion. The  Lord  has waited  patiently for him  to finish  expressing his grief  in the  first chapter and the beginning  of the second chapter.Thereafter  only, the  Lord has started  His  teachings. . In the  third chapter,Arjuna  raises a doubt as to why the Lord  who has praised the  path of knowledge  ,has asked him to fight this terrible war. In the  fifth chapter , Arjuna wants  to know  which of the two paths  -the  path of abandonment  of action or the  path of action is better and the Lord has explained  to him  that of the two paths , the path of selfless  action is better. 

           Nowhere  do we see  Arjuna  asking for any special favours  from the Lord . But  now,Arjuna makes  a special request  to  the Lord. Having  seen the  glories  of the Lord in and through His  manifestations , he now wishes to 'see '  the entire  Cosmic Form  of the  Lord in one place  all at once. Lord Krishna  now  in the 11th chapter immediately  shows  Arjuna  His  Cosmic Form , but  Arjuna could not see  it with  his  normal  vision.. So the Lord shows  him the all in one Divine Form ,which only Arjuna could see amongst all those present in the battlefield . Arjuna was given 'an insight' or a' special vision ' as it were ,to experience the Cosmic Form , so that  he could appreciate  the extraordinariness  of the Cosmic Vision  with the extraordinary vision  bestowed  on him. 

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