Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Lord's Grace

The Gita revisited
The  Lord's Grace. 

                             When we do good actions  like  charity, special worships or yajnas ,they  do bring  worldly benefits  but yet they cannot make  one fit to have the rare vision of the infinite cosmic form of the  Lord that  Arjuna  had. . The  divine vision that Arjuna had was priceless  . He  was blessed with the rare privilege  of this vision  out of the  love the Lord had for him.

                             So we now become  curious to know  what invokes  the  love of God.  The Lord loves all beings  unconditionally as His own Self. , yet  our unswerving  love (  ananya bhakti )evokes   His  special Grace . When  we are blessed  with  His Grace  , it is then made possible  to  'know' Him  , 'see ' Him  and  ' become '  one with Him . There  are three  stages  through which a sincere devotee  progresses. First  he comes to ' know' God as  ' I am  His  , he  then graduates  to the second stage  when he  'sees  ' God  and  feels  ' He  is  mine ' and upto this stage  duality is still  there  , the bhakta and  God are  different. . He  finally  graduates to the  third stage  when he  'becomes  '  'one with Him'. when he realises the Truth  ' I am He. . Now  there is no more difference between the bhakta  and God , between 'me  and  Him'  . He and I are one.

                           When  we surrender  to the Lord and  align our body, mind and intellect with God  , we shall surely attain Him . When we come to consider Him as our supreme goal, love  Him wholeheartedly and serve  Him  at all times through all our actions,  when we give up all our likes and dislikes  , our attachments  to objects, people  and situations  , and be free  from   hatred  , well  we  shall definitely be blessed  by His  Grace  .

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