Thursday, 25 June 2015

The two concepts of God.


The Gita revisited.
The two concepts of God .

                        God  can be conceived  as  Nirguna  Brahman  ,the attributeless  Reality   or  as  Saguna Brahman ,God with  attributes. When God  is seen as  nirguna Brahman, He has  no names,forms  or attributes. He is  the  substratum and illuminator  of   all that there  is  . He is of the  nature  of  Sat- Cit-  Ananda , Existence- Consciousness  -Bliss. and  is the Self  of all.  Brahman is  described  as  nirguna, nirakara, nirvikara  , nirvikalpa, niranjana  , nirmala  and nithya   and the knower of Brahman  becomes   nitya  mukta   . Knowing Brahman he becomes  Brahman. 

                  God can be comprehended  as  saguna Brahman, God with form, names  and attributes. . God then can be worshipped  as Iswara  -as the Lord of the universe .. He  then becomes  the creator, sustainer and destroyer  of the world. represented  by Brahma, Vishnu and  Maheshwara. respectively. . He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent  and Omniscient .and  has  qualities  of love, compassion and grace. . God can be viewed  in and through  all  His  manifestations  . The  entire universe  is then seen  as the cosmic form of the Lord.  God  incarnates  as Sri. Rama  , as  Sri  Krishna  and  so on  and  these  incarnations  through  their  life ,work and teachings  establish dharma  on earth. Devotees  seek God  through  worship, rituals  and  meditation  , listen to His  glory and  serve  Him through  performing  their worldly  duties 

             It  is  relatively easy  to meditate  on Saguna  Brahman   as the  mind has a  form and qualities to hold onto  but  the devotee  must have  a strong  faith in God .while   it is  difficult  to meditate  on a  formless  Brahman  or even to conceive  of  nirguna Brahman  and the seeker  must have   subtle  discrimination and strong  detachment (  viveka  and vairagya ) to  meditate  upon the formless  Truth.  

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