Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Two aspects of devotion.


The Gita  revisited.
Two aspects of devotion.

                  Devotion  can come up in the mind  only when we understand  well  the greatness and  glory  of  God.   People  have  different  views  about God  . Some  believe  and worship  God  with form and qualities  . Some  others see  God in nature. , while  many see  God  and worship Him in His divine  incarnations  as  Sri Rama  , Sri  Krishna  and so on. . Some see God in idols  . There are  others who believe in  a God without qualities  or form  but with love  and compassion.

                God  has two aspects  :  one  without  attributes  and forms  (  nirguna  )  and  the other  with  qualities  and form  ( saguna  )  . Arjuna wants  to know  which one  amongst them  is  more perfect  ,those who worship  God with form and qualities  ( saguna upasaka )   and are thus always united  with God  in love   or those  who meditate  on the eternal  and  indestructible  unmanifest without  attributes or form  (  nirguna upasaka  )

             Neither aspect  is superior to the other. . Devotees  seeking God/ Truth   through either aspect  reach the  same  Truth. . There is no contradiction between  these two aspects.  Saint  Thyagaraja  is believed  to have attained  God   Realisation   through  worshipping   Sri Rama  . Pujya Gurudev   Swami Chinmayananda  '  was well  established  in the  Truth   without qualities   and yet  he revelled  in   worshipping  the  form  of the  Lord ' . Lord  Krishna  says  that  only  one  whose  mind is  totally  absorbed  in God  is  a better  devotee  and  so  for that matter  one  could be a  nirguna  upasaka  or a  saguna  upasaka.  and  the devotee  who knows   that both are aspects of God   has  the best knowledge. 


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