Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Characteristics of a perfect devotee


The  Gita  revisited . 
Characteristics  of a perfect devotee. 

                        Lord Krishna  enumerates  a list  of characteristics  that a  seeker should have, to call himself a perfect devotee. . Among all qualities, the Lord says, advaishta  , loving and not hating  anyone   is the most important  quality  because  hatred  burns  up a person's heart. and also the heart of the person who is shown hatred .and  so hatred  turns into poison  to destroy  two people   at the same time. . Hatred can have no place  where there is love for all  . The  fact is when we truly love God, we can have no hatred  for  anyone  in the world.  and  so in loving God ,we truly love  all  and hate none. 

                The second quality  of a devotee  is  maitrah ,and  karuna ,friendliness  and compassion. . A perfect devotee  revels  in the welfare  of all. He always  thinks about the welfare of others  and  contributes  his best  for their welfare. Thirdly, he  is  forgiving  of others' faults  because he loves all and hates none. . It is  said that  forgiveness  is the ornament  of the  strong(  kshama  veerasya bhusanam)  . It is  not enough  if  the attitude of forgiveness  is there,,he  should  also  forget all the hurt that was caused to him by others  at some point of time 
              He  remains  free from  mental agitations and  he is also  incapable  of creating agitations in others minds. by his  words  or actions. He is also pure and clean  and  keeps himself  clean and  the external surroundings too clean. He  is always  fulfilled  and  content. . When he realises  God  ,he too becomes  full and  fulfilled  and is always  in total contentment. The  above  are only  a few  in the list of qualities the Lord   enumerates. and  these  qualities  a perfect devotee  is expected  to have    and exhibit them in his life. 

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