Thursday, 30 July 2015

Guru Purnima


Guru purnima  

              Today  is Guru Purnima  and  is also called  Vyasa  Purnima  as  Bhagavan Veda Vyasa  was  born on this day.  The importance  of  this day lies  in the fact  that  shishyas  all over the world  pay their reverence  and respects  to the  Guru parampara   ,which started  with Lord Sadashiva   and  down  to  Adi Sankaracharya   to Pujya  Gurudev  Swami Chinmayananda   finally  to our own Guru  who removes  the veil of ignorance  from  our mind  to attain Self knowledge  Guru purnima  usually  falls  on a full moon  day in July  (  aashada  month  in the Hindu  calendar .)

             Bhagavan  Veda  Vyasa  was  instrumental  in compiling  the  Vedas  in to four  -Yajur  , Rig , Sama  and Atharva  . He  wrote the Mahabharata  , the eighteen Puranas  , the Brahma  Sutras , The Bhagavatam  , The  Adyatma  Ramayana  and  many more  texts  . He  accomplished  so much   during his  lifetime   that it is said  that  all the  knowledge  that is available  in the world  is only a fraction  of what  Vyasa  knew.  Coming down  to  Adi Sankaracharya  , we find  that within a short span of life  of only 32 years in his physical form , he  wrote  bhasyas  on 10 Upanishads  , the   Brahma Sutras   and  the  Bhagavad  Gita  and   composed  the  Vivekachoodamani   and  also   many hymns  in praise  of  goddesses  . He  established  four  matts   in the  four different  parts  of the country  to rejuvenate  Hinduism  from the  decadent  state  it had fallen  at that time 

         Coming  down  to Pujya  Gurudev  Swami  Chinmayananda , we  find  that  instead  of seeking his own  salvation  sitting at  the feet  of his  Guru  Tapovanji  Maharaj  in the Himalayas , he came down  for our sake  to pass  on the  knowledge,  that he had gained ,  to us  in the simple language we could understand  . But for him  , the scriptures  would have  ever remained    a 'secret '  to us  but  only available  to the priestly class . He  made it easy for us to  understand and  know  the Upanishads  , The  Geeta   and  apply  the knowledge  so gained  in our daily lives. . The  Chinmaya  mission, which  was formed  by  a group  of  his devotees  is now spread all  over the world. 

         Coming down  to my own gurus  to whom  I  owe  all the knowledge   that I have  gained , I extend  my salutations  and prostrations   to  Sri  Sunil  Ramamurthy   and  his  wife  Pramila  madam  under whom I studied   Vedanta and  the Geeta   for 5 years  . and  to  my present  Guru , Nidhi  Chaitanya  , a monk  of the Chinmaya mission  and who has  dedicated  her life  to spreading  the knowledge of the scriptures   and  under  her guidance  I am getting  to understand  the Upanishads  and  getting  all my doubts on the  scriptures  dispelled  . I realise  the  great part my gurus  have  played  and  are playing right now   in my life  , my whole  vision  of life  has changed  from  being  a very small petty selfish minded person  to  now extending  my heart to include   the whole  of humanity  in  all  my thoughts , words  and actions. My salutations  to the  Guru parampara  and I seek their blessings  and Grace  on this very auspicious  day. . 

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