Saturday, 4 July 2015

How to fix the mind in God ?


The Gita  revisited .
How to fix the mind in God ?

                      Lord Krishna  recommends  certain  practices  to the seeker   towards  helping him to fix his mind in God. For  the extroverted, Krishna  gives the prescription of  practice   as  practice makes on perfect. . To feel  for and  be with  God  ,one needs  regular and sincere practice  of meditation. . For those of us who are  very  much  extroverted   and cannot even sit still  for sometime  , the Lord  prescribes  the practice  of karma yoga . Karma yoga   lies in doing  one's duties  with the attitude of dedication  to a higher cause  or  as an offering unto the Lord.  and   accepting the results  of actions  as a gift from God. In short  ,karma yoga =  Iswara Arpana  buddhi  +  Prasada  buddhi. . This  helps in neutralising   one's likes and dislikes   and  one then  gives up the sense of doership  in action  and  enjoyership  in the results   of action.

                When one reduces  the notion of doership  , the notion of enjoyership too  will reduce. . Lord  Krishna  advises  the seeker to first  start  renouncing  the notion of  doership  which is grosser. . Then, He says  , this will  in time lead  one to lessen  his ego  and extrovertedness  and make him fit  for meditation  . . The  devotee  will then  be able  to keep his mind fixed effortlessly in God  . Such  a devotee   does not  worry   about the results  of actions   and he comes to accept   cheerfully  all that  comes  in his life .He then becomes less  selfish  and  more caring about others  as  he starts  believing  that  everything  belongs to God  and  everything happens  by His Will  alone. 

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