Thursday, 23 July 2015

My devotee is very dear to Me says the Lord

The Gita revisited .
My  devotee is very dear  to Me says the Lord.

                 In  the last page  ,we saw the characteristics  of a perfect devotee. . We saw that a perfect devotee  hates none  but  has  love  for all and  hence is always filled  with peace  ,contentment  and happiness. It is also a fact of life  that  when he loves all  ,he  receives  more love  in return. and for sure,he grows  faster  in the spiritual field when  his heart is filled  with love and compassion  for all. 

                 The  Lord  concludes  chapter 12 on bhakti yoga  by saying  that He  loves  His  devotees. and that  His devotee  is very dear to Him. There  are two kinds of devotees  -those  who have  realised  God  as their own Self   and  there are those  who are  still walking  the path  and  striving hard to reach Him. . The  Lord  has earlier said  that the  Man of Realisation  is  'My own  Self  ' and  is united  with 'ME ' in single minded devotion.  The  Lord  concludes  this chapter by saying  that  He  loves  the devotee  more  ,who is  still  striving  hard  to reach Him . The  Lord  says  that the devotee  who walks  this path  doing  sincere devotional  service  to the  Lord  and  who is  struggling  on this  path inspite  of many obstacles  on his way   but  having only  the Lord  as  the Supreme  goal,is His beloved  and  hence is very dear to Him. 

              We  can  increase  our love  for God through  sincere devotional service  and love  and prayers and  constant remembrance  of Him amidst  all  our life's  activities    and  let us  start  counting all the abundance  we have received  by His Grace  and  be ever  grateful  for all  the blessings  that come our way  and  thank Him  not only for all  that we receive from Him  but also  for all those  things He has denied  us.  Let us learn to surrender  completely  to  God  's  Will.  

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