Friday, 10 July 2015

Renounce the results

The Gita revisited
Renounce the results 

             Scriptures  advise  us  to keep our mind absorbed in God ,even as we carry  on with our worldly  duties. and  we are also asked  to renounce  the  sense  of enjoyership of  the  results  of  our actions. . Every action  produces  a result   just as  when  the  arrow is  shot  from one's bow, one cannot  stop it from reaching its target  , similarly  every action produces an effect  ,whether  we like  the result or  not. 

           Renouncing results means  not insisting  on gaining a particular result  of your choice , but  it means  renouncing  your anxieties  for  the kind  of results  that you have  to face for your action.  and to accept   cheerfully whatever good or bad  that comes to you  as a result  . In every field of life  , whether, personal, material, financial, religious  or spiritual  , you are always filled  with  anxiety, attachment  ,and your own expectations  of the outcome of your actions . These  becomes  obstacles  in your spiritual growth  and  most  importantly  ,you  fail to enjoy  the  action itself when your mind is focussed  on only the outcome of your action. 

             It is  said  that even in the spiritual field  , when you sit  to meditate  ,you  are  unnecessarily  occupied  with  the results of your meditation  . Instead ,you are  advised  to sit  in meditation  on Self/ God  and  you must learn to let go of  all your anxieties  , attachments and worries  and  just keep enjoying  the process  of meditating  . All the spiritual practices  are  only  means  and  not  goals in themselves  and this  fact should always be  kept in mind 

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