Friday, 24 July 2015

The knower and the known.


The Gita revisited.
The knower and the known .

           The  13th  chapter  opens  with  Arjuna  expressing a desire  to know  about  prakriti and purusa,  the field of activity and  the knower of  the field,   knowledge  and  that  which is  to be known . The  discrimination  between  the knower and known  is important  as it helps  us to realise  our oneness  with  the Supreme. . The  knower is only  one  but  the  known  are many. . The  knower is  different from the  known. I know  my car  and  I am different  from my car. . And  the most important  difference  between the  knower and known  is  that  the  knower is a sentient  being  while  the known  is  inert. . I know  my body  ,hence  it is  different from me  as  whatever  is known is different  from the knower. . The  known is  the field  of activity   and  the  body is a field  used  to do actions. 

          There  is  only one  knower  in all bodies  and  that  knower  is God-  Consciousness  or Self  in us. God  is the Citanya  in all of us  . Just as there is only one sun which  illumines  all  and  gets reflected  in all  water bodies  , similarly, God reflects in each of us as  the individual knower  -cidabhasa  , conditioned  by our own  body-mind-intellect .   The  individual knowers appear  to be many  but  Consciousness  which  lends  sentiency   and  existence  to them is  only  one  When  the  individual knower  comes  to recognise  God as the knower  ,he realises  his oneness  with Him.

          When  this knowledge  comes  to a seeker  that he is the knower  then  everything  other than him ,including his body mind intellect  become the known  .He  then  will stop identifying  with  these equipments  . All the sorrows and  sufferings  that  man undergoes  is  due  to his ignorance  that he is  the knower  and  these three equipments  are just  the  known  hence  different from him.   

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