Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Who am I ?...continued


The Gita  revisited .
Who am I ? .....continued 

                        Ramana  Maharishi  used  to ask the  devotees that came to him,to enquire  into the basic question  " Who am I "  ?. An answer  to this question helps you rid yourself of  the ignorance you are  trapped in ,you get freed from all your anxieties, fear, sorrows and sufferings  and   you put an end  to samsara  . It  is believed  that  Adi  Sankara  left  his home  at   the age of eight or so  in search  of a  guru   and  he came  upon  Guru  Govinda Bhagavadpada   and  prostrated  to him.  The  Guru asked  him  ,"  who are you "?   In answer  to this  question , the little Sankara composed  the Atma  Satakam  , consisting  of  6 verses 

                      The  first verse negates  the mind, intellect  ,ego memory  ,space  , earth fire or wind  and  affirms  my  form is  Consciousness  and  Bliss  . He  says  Shiva  I am  , Shiva  I am. The  affirmations  are repeated  at the end  of  each verse. . In the  next verse he says  I am neither the life force  nor its five divisions  nor  the seven constituents  of the body , nor the five sheaths  ,nor speech  , hands legs nor the organs of reproduction   In the  third  verse  , he says  hatred, attachments ,greed delusion  do not touch him nor is he tainted  by pride  or envy  . He says  he does not  have  to pursue  the four purusharthas  of dharma, artha ,kama  and  moksha  . Continuing  his negations  ,in the  fourth verse he says  no  virtues nor sins  get attached to him ,nor pleasure nor grief. . He says he does not need  mantras nor pilgrimages  nor knowledge  nor the sacrificial yajnas  and  that he  is neither the  experiencer  nor the experienced  nor the  experience. 

                    In the fifth verse ,he says  he has no fear of death and is beyond all differentiations   of  caste  and  that he has no father, mother   nor  birth   nor  any relationships  nor guru nor  disciple  . He  concludes  the sixth verse by  affirming  that being free  from differences  ,he is formless  , all pervading  ,present in the senses  , ever established  in equanimity  and  is beyond  liberation and bondage  . The verse  like all other verses  ends  in affirming  that  he  is  the infinite  Consciousness  ,Bliss  , Shiva am I , Shive am I . Cidananda  rupa  shivoham shivoham  shivoham  shivoham 

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