Sunday, 26 July 2015

Who am I ?


The  Gita  revisited 
Who am I ?

                      The  world over ,there are millions  of people  who never stop to ask this basic question about themselves   (  who am I ? )because  they are wallowing in ignorance  and lying in a tamasic state of existence . They think  they are their bodies  because  they have identified themselves with their own bodies  and what ever happens  to the bodies ,they think is   happening to them only. 

                      We  have seen in the last page  that  I know  my body  therefore  I am the knower ,since  I know my body ,I cannot  be my body which is known to me. . I have  three  bodies  -the gross  consists  of various parts  and limbs  , the  subtle  consists  of  5 organs  of perception,5 organs  of action, the 5 pranas  ,and  the 4 thought modifications  such as  mind, intellect, memory and ego. .The    unmanifest  causal  body  consists  of  ignorance  and impressions  ( vasanas )which get expressed  as the gross  and subtle body. . Each  of these bodies  is known to me  , so  I am not  any of these bodies. . The  total gross, subtle  and causal bodies  are known to  the  Infinite Knower. 

                  Then  the question arises  " Who am  I ?'. I am not  the total of the  three bodies  put together , neither am I life  or the individual knower . The  individual in me  is  only a reflection of consciousness  ( cidabhasa )and  life  as its expression. . So  there is  only one  Infinite  knower  in all bodies  and  that  Consciousness  is  my own essential  nature  . 

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