Monday, 3 August 2015

Important values to realise the Truth.


The  Gita  revisited.
Important values  to realise the Truth. 

              Values  are essential for realising the Truth.    Honesty and humility  are  universal values  . Some values  like  the value for reading can be acquired  and  hence can also be given up. . When we apply values in our lives  ,we turn them into virtues   and  when they become  well established  ,they  come to us  naturally  without any effort.  Sometimes   it may happen that a person who has not understood  the value of honesty  but values  money  ,may  speak the untruth to get some money  by illegal means. . Sometimes  we find ourselves  in  some  peculiar situations  ,when we value  ahimsa  more than truth ,then we will try  to avoid hurt   at all costs  even if  it requires  us to tell a  harmless  lie. A person who values  truth more  than non- injury  will find it  difficult  to tell even  a small lie

           This chapter enumerates  some  important values  essential  for realising the Truth. . The  seeker  should  have    no arrogance  , ego or pretence. . Arrogance  is  to have  an over estimation of ourselves , to be egoistic  is  to take credit  for all success  to oneself  while blaming others  for one's  failures .and pretence   is  hypocrisy which  is to pretend to be   what you are not. . Some  other important values  are having  ksanti meaning   forgiveness ,   forbearance. and  acceptance of all. . Another value  to be cultivated  is to have a critical look at life,without being judgemental. . Developing  detachment  ( vairagyam )   is important  in this spiritual path.  It is also important   for a seeker  to take to solitude  ,which is  not only to be physically  alone  but also  to  be  with oneself  even in the midst of a crowd.

        When  these values  are inculcated  in our lives  and when we come  to live them, it becomes easy  for us  in the spiritual  path  to face  the obstacles  that may come  to disturb us   and  finally to attain the  goal.  

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