Saturday, 29 August 2015

Knowing the mind


The  Gita  revisited. 
Knowing  the mind. 

                      We  saw in the last page  ,that  there are three steps  to perfecting  the mind. and  they are:  knowing,  tuning,   and   transcending  the  mind.  To  know  the mind  we  need to understand  the three fold nature  of creation itself.  Prackriti  is  the material cause of  creation  and  has  three  gunas -sattva, rajas  and  tamas. These gunas  remain in  their  Pure  state before  creation. . Their  intermingling causes  creation and  hence  the three   gunas  pervade  the entire  creation of  things  and beings. 

                  Sattva  manifests  as  knowledge  , peace  ,love  , patience  ,awareness  etc. .Rajas  manifests  as  intense  activity  , dynamism  , restlessness, anger ,greed  ,etc. , and  Tamas  manifests  as inertia, laziness  , dullness  , ignorance  etc.  One  of  the three  gunas  remain predominant  in a living  creature  at any particular point  of time. , though  all three  gunas pervade  its  nature. . Inanimate  things  are   predominantly  tamasic. . Plants manifest  more  rajoguna  than  stones  , animals  more  than  plants  ,  while  man can  manifest  more  sattva  than  animals,  gods  more  than  man. 

               Coming  to humans  , we  find, his  body  is more  tamasic  , while  the  sense organs  and  the  pranas  manifest  more  rajoguna. . The  mind of each individual  is  different  and  is a combination of  all  the three  gunas but  some  have  more  sattvik minds , some more rajasic  and some  predominantly  tamasic. . Even  in each individual,  we  will find  that , during  some  time of the day  he is  more  sattvik, sometimes  more  rajasic .,  and as  night approaches  he is more  tamasic. . So  we  are  asked  to study  the  scriptural texts  in the  Brahma muhurtham  ,when  sattva  is  predominant  in us. and  this  helps  us  to sharpen  our intellect  . We  all know  that  we need  a sharp intellect  to   do sravana and  manana  of  the   Guru's  teaching.  to then enter into  meditation. on  the highest Truth, though  it is equally true that we have  to transcend  the intellect  to experience  the Self. 

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